April 24, 2014


 A closet (and a little trim where the wall will be exposed) and I'm done!
Today is the day I finish this aspect of the remodel. I. can't. wait!!!
My fashion statement these days...knee pads with gel inserts. Even so, my knees
look rug-burned (not my idea of the most fun way to get a rug burn, mind you!)
and my hands are swollen. I removed all my jewelry - except my wedding ring
(which never comes off) - prior to starting this project so they wouldn't get damaged.
 I found out yesterday, when dressing to go to my class, that my hands are too
swollen to put on any of my other rings. No jewelry until I'm completely done now.
In spite of careful planning, there is a gap that will require "fussy cutting" for the 
final row of planks. I walked away at this point to consider my strategy. I've worked
it all out now and am ready to tackle this issue and the closet now that I've rested.
  Handsome headed out for a few pieces of base molding. I don't want this narrow
section of plank to pop up (and I have tables going on this wall), so I've decided
to go with the trim just in this area. My plan is to be finished by noon. I need to
finish this by noon. My sore knees and hands require that I finish this by noon.

Then a short break before I begin the next step. Handsome and I will add one 
extra shelf to each of my incoming shelf units from Sandy's Quilt Shop. If we
accomplish this in good order, We might be able to move them into the studio
today! Even so, we'll only anchor them to the walls and then I'll start stocking
them after our final Coffee Club at the shop on Saturday. It's time to take back
the house. It's going to be a busy weekend, but I can see the proverbial "light".

Even though I'm feeling extremely accomplished after this week, it's not quite 
time to "spike the ball" yet. No rest yet, either. So, my friends, as you go about
your Friday evening, if the opportunity presents itself, tip one for me, ok?

Have a great weekend!

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Beedeebabee said...

Your poor hands and knees! I know what you're talking about because we installed the same type flooring in our den last year. Great job Donna! Your floor looks beautiful. Soon you'll have your dream sewing room!!! xo

Jacque. said...

Donna...what a lot of work, but it is looking beautiful! Looking forward to seeing the 'finish'!

Mandy said...

Well done! What a good idea those gel knee pads are. I hope your knees and hands recover quickly once you have finished.
Best wishes,

Createology said...

I certainly applaud your steadfast progress and excellent job of flooring. It looks wonderful. Knowing that the worst is over will help you finish and put together your new studio space. You are a woman with a SuperPower Dear!!!

Indigo Blue said...

I have been following the progress of your floor and having laid two of these in our house I do synpathise with both your hands and knees! I would also like to add that our backs were alos reminding us of our ages as well! We too ended up with a gap which we needed for the wood to be able to expand and retract in our glorious UK weather and we also attached a skirting board to help to disguise this "plannned" feature. Congratulations and I hope you have time to relax a little over the weekend.


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