April 25, 2014

One More Coffee Club Date and Studio Progress...

Empty Shelves and Good Friends. (l-r: Brenda, me, Kathy, Fay, Nora and Joni)
I have more photos of the progress in the studio below, but first I want
to mention that today is our last Coffee Club Saturday for the foreseeable
future. Today the shop will close its doors for good and Kathy and Nora
are going "on break". They've devoted a lot of time and energy into their
quilt shop venture and they're ready to spend some time doing fun things
with their families. We'll still see each other at guild, but no more Saturdays.
All of us in 2012. (l-r: Flo, Joni, Nora, Fay, Kathy, me and Brenda)
When I think about all the fun we've had together on these mornings,
I know it's going to feel weird not getting up on Saturday to go down
to the shop. We got to know each other better and we shared a lot of
laughs and more than a few tears. We mourned the loss of loved ones
and we've celebrated life. Now it's time to start a new chapter.
I know we'll all keep in touch. Our visits will just be at different 
times and in different places. Change is inevitable. We'll embrace it.
We're all wishing Kathy and Nora wonderful new adventures.
No "goodbyes".  Just good wishes.
 I know you're all waiting for a studio update, too, so here you go...
 We finished the floor before 5 o'clock yesterday. Trim pieces were installed 
behind these Koala furniture pieces, but not where shelves will be installed. I 
don't want to remove the baseboard from those areas, so we left them all in place. 

This picture is from the doorway into the room. My computer will be in the 
corner straight ahead and my serger table is right next to it. (Pardon the lamp. It's 
temporary and ugly. I just needed it for light until I decide how to light the space.)
 This is taken from the opposite corner from the door. Shelves will be installed on
 the wall behind me. The shelves with the partitions are part of my "tower of fabric"
 from the old studio. I placed it here for a preview. They'll be stacked and secured
 to the wall before I put all the folded fabric back. I can't wait to see it all in place!
 This door goes to the shared bathroom between the studio and the other
guest room. I'll be placing the cutting table under the window on the left.
 Shelves here for bolts of fabric. There will be a total of 129" of shelves on
this wall and the section of wall to the left of the window. There's one more
26" shelf unit that will be next to the bathroom door for a few more bolts.
I'm envisioning a riot of color on those walls, which is why I chose the soft
color for the wall itself. Which leaves only one more area to reveal to you.
The studio closet! I'm really proud of the way this entire floor turned out, but I  think
 the way I (perfectly) pieced the boards around the door hardware and into  the closet
 is my favorite part. I got better as I went along and was almost a pro by the  time I came
to the part that would be behind doors. It's a shame it will be hidden more often than not.
 Before I quit for the day, I moved all my drawer units into place, along with 
the large rolls of specialty fabric I have. Some of it is decorator fabric I have for
projects I've been thinking about, and then there are a few vintage bridal laces
I purchased for future garments. Now, they're in a place where I don't have
to worry about them falling on me like they did whenever I turned on a light
in the old studio. Clean, dry storage for my finer fabrics. I'm happier already.
 There are also drawers containing my wools, bindings, adhesives, ribbons, charm
packs, fabric set aside to finish more napkins or table runners and a lot of other good
 stuff. I also have my specialty papers (printables, etc.), rubber stamps and jewelry
  findings in the other drawers. There's a lot more here than meets the eye, but I know
 what is where and am happy to have it in the studio rather than in closets in other
 rooms or otherwise scattered around the house. Handsome is happy about this, too.

There's still a shelf above all these drawer units that I'll use for my baskets of batting.
 That should just about complete the available closet space until I sort and purge further.

I'm off to Coffee Club and then back home to get those shelves ready to install.
I know one thing is for sure...I'm finished working on my knees for the rest of
this project! My hands and knees are officially on break. Now it's only fun stuff.

Tomorrow is a new Sunday Scripture and I'll be back with lots of pictures Monday.
 Tag and Handsome can't wait until this is all done, so I better get back to it.

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Leeanne said...

Lovely post. sad that your group & local shop is closing, good to hear you will all keep intouch. Your studio is looking amazing!!

Jacque. said...

Best wishes for your friends in their new chapter on life. The studio is looking fabulous! You are so organized and it's all going to look great!

Eleanor Mefford said...

I love your new space and can't wait to see it all finished. It's going to be wonderful, and I know you will have wonderful things to show us. Beautiful fabrics, and amazing stitching and piecing. And a lovely cool floor space for Tag to stretch out, and his mom there to love him and feed him treats!!! Love, Eleanor

Createology said...

Yes we all must experience change so as not to get stale. Kathy and Nora have earned time for new adventures. Your new dedicated creative studio space is simply divine. You will be uber inspired with all the new energy and accomplishment you have gained with doing the work yourselves. Fabulous job dear...

hungryhippie said...

I am in love with your stufio space Donna! SImply wonderful and glorious with all the light, the floor, the shelves,... Referring to the other commentary I've been listening a lot to pod casts lately and online radio about change, positive thinking, affirming our goals and manifesting our destiny through faith and self love. I really appreciate your comment- "no goodbyes, just good wishes"---as we are saying good wishes to so many friends lately (military moves)...I'm going to write that down in my journal today, and feel better knowing it's not good bye, it's till next time. ;) Best Sunday to you friend, and have a fabulous week!

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Sorry, my last post came as Unknown sender. I wanted to say how lovely your room is looking (actually both rooms) You have wonderful ideas for storage and a lot of energy. :-) Thank you for sharing this journey with us. Have a wonderful Lord's Day.

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

So hard to see fun things with friends come to an end. Your new studio is looking wonderful Deece!

Minimiss said...

Looking really good now. Isn't nice to be able to put a whole heap of stuff away behind cupboard doors yet still have it easily accessible.


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