April 13, 2014

Peter Rabbit's Portable Veggie Farm...

 Tag and I have told you before about our vegetable projects here. When
I prepare a salad, I always save the root end of lettuce (usually Romaine)
and celery bunches. Then, I take those ends and place them in fresh water.

This is my current crop of vegetables. Most of them are lettuce, but the 
largest (in back) and the one directly to the right of it are celery plants. The
newest one is from two nights ago (lower left) and it's already sprouting!
 Most of them have roots sprouted, so my next step is to plant them into soil so 
they can get even bigger. Even the newest addition will be ready to plant by 
next weekend. I also have sweet onion cuttings that have sprouted and are 
going to be planted, too. I'm using an idea I saw on FaceBook this time.
Web Image
I'm going to cut one side off our milk cartons and fill them with soil. By 
using the flat-sided "planters", they'll nest better and will be disposable
when I'm finished using them. This is recycling at its best. Not only am
I repurposing the cartons, but I'm also growing a second harvest from 
what would otherwise be tossed in the recycling or become compost.
Peter Rabbit would be one happy critter around here!
Salad, anyone?

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Createology said...

Peter Rabbit Salad Bliss for certain. I did see gardening in cartons and it does look quite efficient. Happy Healthy Eating Dear...

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh, what neat ideas! You have inspired me today! Thanks! I didn't even know celery or lettuce would sprout! Twyla

Sharon said...

You and Tag are quite a team, Donna! Love the idea of using the cartons.

Kris said...



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