April 6, 2014

It Was Bound To Happen...

  ...sooner or later. I'll be in Sarasota "answering the call" to jury duty all
day today. I'll find out whether or not I'll be serving - and for how long.

I've never served before even though I've worked in the legal profession, and
I would dearly love to sit in on certain upcoming proceedings in Wisconsin
instead. It will be interesting to be a part of this process and find out if I'll be 
earning my $15 per day. (The fee increases to $30 a day after three days)
Woo hoo!

Good thing Tag will be posting on Tuesday. 
Hope I'll see you with studio project updates on Wednesday!

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Createology said...

Well with all those newly earned dollars I would think celebrating by buying fabric would be warranted. Enjoy the process my friend...


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