April 23, 2014

Still Flooring...

We spent the whole morning over at Lowe's yesterday. We went in search
of the elusive "transition" to bridge the difference in height between the
vinyl floor and ceramic tile in the adjoining rooms. Perhaps it was because
 I was in a hurry to get back to work, but we had trouble finding someone
 to help us in the flooring department...not usual Lowe's  customer service.

We purchased pine boards to add extra shelves to the units we'll be installing.
I also had fun choosing accessories for the Dremel tool Handsome got me 
for Christmas a few years ago. (What a great toy!) We always have fun in
the tool section, but before we knew it, the morning was completely gone!

I managed to finish over half of the floor in spite of my late start. I really
like the way it's looking, and I think the studio will be much more efficient
with the not so hard floor. The wood color is just what I was looking for, too.
 After all that waiting and choosing, I'm really proud that we got a nice
install for the door sills between rooms. We still have one more sill to
do, but that will happen later today or first thing tomorrow. (I'll be at
Crazy Quilters for a class today, so I won't be doing flooring 'til later.)
Usually, we would also have to install  molding along the baseboards, but
because we're putting in all the wall shelves, we've decided to omit that
feature for now. I'm trying to think of where a person might notice it, but aside
 from behind the door into the room, I can't think of another place. It definitely
 isn't going to keep me from starting to move back in. I can do that part later.

In the meantime, if you squint your eyes and make believe this is the whole
room, you can imagine what it's going to look like when all the floor is in. 

One last thing. If you have to do a project like this, buy the good knee pads
at the start. I got the cheap ones first, and got the comfy gel ones today. My
knees feel better, but not before they felt like they'd been rug-burned. Ouch!

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Minimiss said...

Looking very good.

butterfly said...

You look like you are having so much fun ! we are putting a new kitchen in and my house is in a mess with all the rooms so full, good luck with all your work.

Beedeebabee said...

The floor is looking just beautiful Donna. You're really moving along at a good clip! xoxo

Carol at Serendipity said...


Loving this process! Going to be wonderful!


Createology said...

Lovely flooring and good thing you bought the gel knee pads. I bought some for the yard but Mr. C has taken possession of them. Teaching class in the midst of your big project is what you do best dear...Everything!!!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Everything is coming along! My house is a disaster right now 'cause we're replacing all the flooring in the house. OMG, what a mess! Looking forward to seeing your big reveal!


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