April 15, 2014

Guild Night...

Pauline's Scrappy Quilt
 Last night was our monthly guild meeting, and I took lots of photos.
I'm going to share my favorites today, but you'll see more creations later.
 Our member, Jettie, has a friend who pieces her quilts up north and
sends them south to be quilted by Susan Slaton. This is one of the 
two shared by Jettie last night before she ships them back to her
northern friend. I really liked the blocks and the color play on this one.
 This was the other one Jettie showed for her friend. The circles
are hand appliqued'. You know I love this one, don't you? I might
have to file this idea away to make one for myself. So much fun!
 Marti showed the result of a recent art quilt class she took.
It's a wonderful little piece, and I really hope she'll make more
like this one. I think she's found her niche. I love the colors, too.

I don't know if I've said this before or not, but I really enjoy being
a member of our Disconnected Piecers Quilt Guild. Our members
are so talented, and we really become friends. They're a great group
of beautiful women. As I said, I took lots of pictures. Every quilt was
a work of love by its creator. These are just a very few. More later.

I hope your day is filled with happy moments and creative endeavors.
Thanks for visiting. I'll be back tomorrow.

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Createology said...

What a Joy your quilt guild must be with all those beautiful smiling ladies sharing their sewing skills. Thank you for sharing with us. Beautiful Day Dear...

Jacque. said...

It's always fun to see what others see. Thank you for sharing!

Leeanne said...

Looks like a fun meeting, lots of inspiration. Thanks for sharing. Happy Easter to you Donna.


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