April 11, 2014

I've Got Plans...

Brynwood April Hibiscus
  I had so much fun with my class yesterday. Every one of my students "got it".
By the end of the day, they all went home with a great start to their own projects.
If you've taught someone else a technique you love, whether or or not it's sewing,
quilting, needlework or something else, you know that sense of satisfaction one
gets when you see the light go on in your student's eyes. It really never gets old.
I'm looking forward to watching these students become even more proficient in
hand applique'. Perhaps we'll even get together again for a more advanced class.

Monday will bring another class, but today I'll visit with my Coffee Club 
girlfriends. We got the "memo" that the shop will officially close in two weeks.
We try not to think about it and just enjoy what time we have left in the shop.
It's a really good thing that we'll see each other A.S. (After Shop) or we would 
have a much worse time coping with this new phase in Kathy and Nora's lives. 
While we wish them all the best (and of course, we do), we can't help but lament 
the loss of another wonderful quilt shop in our area. So, I'm off to catch up with
them and hear more about what they have planned for their retirements.

I hope all of you savor every moment of your weekend. The weather is getting
nicer up North, and Florida is starting to lift a little higher out of the ocean as
our beloved snowbirds pull up stakes and head back to their northern homes.

See ya later, friends. Gotta run and get this weekend started!

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Createology said...

How funny about Florida lifting a little higher out of the ocean. I had not heard that phrase. Yes, savor your time with the Coffee Club gals. Wishful Weekend Dear...

Little Birdie Blessings said...

It is rewarding to share and teach. I taught loom knitting to a young friend and her grandmother this week. They were so happy. My friend taught me how to make little folk dolls for my granddaughters. It was a good week. Abby


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