April 27, 2014

An Accomplished Weekend...

I shared my progress on Facebook over the weekend, but I'm so excited to show
you my finished studio floor and all I've accomplished since I last posted here.
What do you think? Do you like the way the floor looks? Can you even believe
that it's vinyl planking and not wood? I like the way feels to walk on barefoot, too.
I moved my computer and serger tables in on Friday, and then we placed the
first shelf unit for the "tower of fabric" on the wall to get an idea of placement.
(Please still ignore that ugly lamp. Really. It's not going to stay in the studio.)
I'm checking my floorplan drawing and making final furniture decisions. 
One of the funny things was that by the time I got to the closet, I was getting
really good at cutting and piecing the flooring. The project was coming to an
end by then. My hands, knees and back were really glad, but my mind wanted
  to start all over so I could do a better job on the main floor. She's bonkers, eh?
The closet doors are already back on their hardware in this picture, but trust
me, the fit of the floor around that hardware was meticulous and perrrr-fect!
 I rolled my storage drawers from the studio (bath) closet right into the new space.
All my wools, ribbons, special fabrics, jewelry charms and findings in one place.
...and my perfect new floor was covered up in no time flat. (lol)
The last place I worked (with Handsome's invaluable help) was this wall.
Introducing the shelves that started this entire, wonderful, exhausting process.
Saturday was installation day. We added a narrow shelf to each of the four main
units, added the stability cleats to the top, anchors in the (newly painted) wall
and everything was in. Did you really think I'd go to bed without moving my
bolts of fabric in? I didn't stop until I was too tired to carry another single thing.

I'd like to say at this point that those are not full bolts of fabric. Kathy and Nora
saved empty bolts for me when I asked. If I have two or more yards, I put it on a
bolt to avoid folds. Many of those bolts are only a few yards, but you can see
 that I also have full bolts of fabrics that I can use for sashing, borders or backing.

I had to parade every single bolt past Handsome to get them into the studio. He'd
 look over the top of his glasses at me, smile and shake his head. More than once,
 I purposely held the bolts high enough so he couldn't see my face as I walked past.
This single unit holds novelty and children's fabrics. There are animals, and many
 other patterns that will be just right for kids' quilts, napkins and runners. The bottom
 shelf holds my fusible batting and other stabilizers. One step closer to a finished studio.

I hit a snag with my cutting table. We must have twisted it in the move because my
drawers refused to align properly. That was a frustration and disappointment I hadn't
expected, so I went on break yesterday. I went to Handsome's final band concert of the
season and forgot about the studio for a while. It was a welcome, musical diversion.

I'll be tightening all the components today, hoping that it will fix the problem or that
I can figure out what's wrong with it. Then, there will be more stacking and stocking 
before I'm ready to show you my final space. Tag will be back tomorrow and I hope
that I can show you a finished studio on Wednesday. Cross your fingers for me, ok?

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Jillayne said...

Good luck Donna - my fingers are crossed, but you are so organized and meticulous that I doubt you need any good luck wishes! What an absolutely beautiful job you've done - your studio is going to be stunning...

Minimiss said...

Good luck for a Wednesday finish. I'm sure you'll do it. I'd love to have your stash and to be able to display it so nicely. Unfortunately here in New Zealand it would be faded in no time flat if it wasn't out of the natural light.

Jacque. said...

oh my. How beautiful it is all looking as it comes together. I hope you have an easy time getting the rest done up. LOTS of fabric and other stuff...beautiful!!

Jeannie B. said...

I love seeing what you are doing and love your "wood" floor where pins will not find a hiding place.

Createology said...

Madamm Samm recently had a blog hop involving SuperPowers! You definitely have multiples and use them in all good wisdom. Your new studio is already the envy of all of us. Such incredible inspiration and organization. Creative SuperPower Bliss Dear...

Anonymous said...

pretty nice blog, following :)

Beedeebabee said...

I think my mouth fell open when I saw the bolts of fabric all lined up in that wonderful wall unit! You'd better add a microwave, mini frig and a snack cabinet to that wonderful new room Donna, because I really think you may be in there for days at a time! I know I would be!!! xo


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