August 22, 2013

They Warm The Cockles Of My Heart....

Yesterday was another one of those wonderful, memorable "family days" for us.
My niece, Keeley came to visit Tag and me at the campground in the afternoon
and we got to share some time together with her grandma, uncle and aunt, too.

I've watched her closely this past year, and I can't believe how much she's changed
in a short twelve months. She's only thirteen, but already is nearly equal to my 5'8"
height! She's gone from a lanky little girl to a poised, pretty, young woman who is
still a tomboy at heart (like her Aunt Donna). It's always fun to interact with her.
Keeley, Tag and Sally
 Her grandma Sally and I have become close, too. You see, last August the former
 sister-in-law I wrote about who passed was Sally's daughter (and Keeley's mom).
The two of them are still working through their loss, but they have each other
and they are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel...and it's all good.
l-r: Gary, Nancy, Keeley, Tag and Sally
 When they came to see me (Tag, really!) yesterday, Sally's brother and
sister-in-law also came out to say "hi". We've met before and they're great,
supportive people. We also get along well and it was so nice seeing them again.
 This is a photograph I intend to treasure for a long time.
You see, just as Sally was getting ready to snap it, Keeley leaned over and
tossed her arm over my shoulder. This sweet girl is so full of affection and
I was blessed that she shared some of it with me. Of course, Tag was also
completely taken with her and was happy to be in each and every shot!
My "thank you" for her hug...a heartfelt buss on the cheek.

Before I knew it, it was time for them to leave for home. Next time I see
them, we'll be able to spend much more time together. Perhaps she and
Sally will come down and stay in one of the cabins at the campground,
or we'll invite them to "cozy up" in the Flying Cloud That would be fun!
Front row l-r: Malachi, Ezekiel, Phin, August, Kailana and Malia. Adults l-r: Johanna, Josh, me, Eli, Amanda, Aaron, Nathaniel and Chelsea.  
 After Sally and Keeley left,  Handsome and I traveled to meet my Aunt Eli,
 cousins Amanda, Johanna and Nathaniel - and their spouses and children - for dinner.
 We met at a great Italian restaurant that was an easy drive for all of us, and we got to
 catch up on each other's lives before leaving for our respective homes in different towns.

Before we parted company, Handsome snapped this photograph to commemorate
our time together. I know my uncle was watching over us as we gathered his wife
and family together and he would indeed be proud of the adults his children have 
become.  Eli's grandchildren are delightful to be around and we were glad to be
able to enjoy that time with them. Next summer - and seeing them all again - 
can't come soon enough. It seems our time is over before it's really begun!

A few more days and we'll be packing up our campsite and turning for home.
Until then, we still have time to devote to family and friends. I want to savor it all.

Happy Friday!
I know you're all busy making your own memories. Enjoy every precious minute.

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gsm Martin said...

Good Morning Donna, I know how sweet these memories are. I only have one grandchild and she is almost 21 years old. It seems like only yesterday she came into our world. What a blessings these young children are to us. Enjoy your time with your niece and have a nice trip. Gloria

Createology said...

Time with family is so precious. Your campsite is beautiful and what a special venue to visit and entertain family and friends. Keeley is a very pretty young woman and has a wonderful family network. Blessings...

TerriSue said...

It seems that you have been having wonderful family time.


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