August 4, 2013

Our Little Corner of Cornersville...

If it's Monday, we're on our way to Jackson Center, OH. However, Sunday
evening was spent at the Texas "T" Campground (Don't ask. I have no idea.)
in Cornersville, TENNESSEE. It's a truly lovely (and reasonably priced) place.

This was a photograph I took of the creek right across the road from our site. The 
light was perfect at sundown, and the dogs and I really liked walking by in the water.
Here we are on Site B. Cooler weather (ahhhhh) so all the windows were
open and the awnings were out for a little more shade as the sun went down.

This campground is about 50 miles south of Nashville, TN, right off Hwy. 65. If
 we were at the Nashville KOA, we'd be paying $79 a night for a cheek-to-jowel
unshaded site - right downtown. We've done it before and I asked Handsome to
 find an alternative because I really, really disliked it. It was noisy, ugly and hot!
This is what he came up with. Full hookups, beautiful site and $25 a night.

We'll be stopping here on our way home for another overnight, and it's a
place I'm really looking forward to visiting again. It's picturesque and quiet.
It has definitely made our "favorites" list.

Have a great week! I'll keep in touch as we motor north.
Oh, and please do something creative for me today, ok? 
My fingers are getting a little itchy from not working on a project!

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Jeannie B. said...

It looks like a wonderful way to travel and wake up to such beauty right outside your door!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

It does look like a gorgeous, peaceful spot! I will crochet a bit for you today:) Twyla

Createology said...

Pure Bliss. This is a beautiful spot to recharge and enjoy your Flying Cloud home away from home. I never much cared for KOA's back in the day and to think they cost $79 last year is just absurd. This is far better indeed. Safe travels dear...

Laurie said...

What a beautiful campground Donna, I can see why it made your list of favorites. Makes me want to pack up and go!

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Pure Heaven!!! I could probably live in the cloud right there in that spot. Awesome.

TerriSue said...

It looks beautiful. Why don't you get into the Hexie craze. On our trip to MN last month I found them an easy front seat handwork. Maybe on your big shopping trip you could buy supplies and get a load done on your way home. A muffin pan makes the ideal sorter and holder for everything.


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