August 18, 2013

Another Day...

It was fun to work on a crewel piece for a change. I haven't really done any
wool embroidery for a number of years (like 20!!), so it was fun to dip my
toes back in it again. When I was finished with this, I remembered wool
drapes that used to hang in my childhood home. They were completely
embroidered just like this small piece! I realized that I could now do my
own set if I ever chose to have anything like that hanging in our own home.
I really had fun working the different stitches, too. There were areas of long 
and short, satin, French knots, twisted buttonhole, trellis couching, stem, chain, 
closed fly and fishbone (my new favorite!) stitches. I liked the challenge of 
remembering how to execute some of them, and some were completely new to me.
I was so proud to be finished...and I really thought I was. Then, while
editing my photographs, I saw this. sigh I missed two stems. I've been
so excited about the way the leaves turned out that I never noticed that
I'd hadn't stitched the stems. So, rather than share a finished piece, I'm
sharing a "mostly finished piece". When it's completely finished, I've
decided that I shall have a small frame made for it. I never did tell you
the size of this one, did I? It's a petite 3" x 3". All that stitching in such
a small area. Perhaps I'll do this again, but on a larger scale - another day.

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Minimiss said...

You execute such lovely needlework Donna. It is quite beautiful.

Natalie Santini said...


Chris said...

Lovely crewel work. Isn't it great to pick up a different type of project now and then.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

This is just darling, Donna!

Anonymous said...

I looked up the company and the kits. Wow,$25 per. They're gorgeous. I'm going to visit a local shop in Crystal Lake to see if they have something like this.

Createology said...

Beautiful stitching on such a tiny little venue. I have never done fishbone stitching yet I see it is lovely. I have seen a fishbone hair braid and I love those too. How funny you didn't see the little stems until posting. I like that you are sharing that too. Blissful stitching dear...


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