August 13, 2013

Random Stitches and Thoughts...

I spent random moments yesterday working on my Sweet Stitches "Bluebird Nest" 
embroidery. Funny how your mind can always wander a bit when needle dancing.

I contemplated the blessings in my life as I listened to music in the Flying Cloud.
Handsome and I are thoroughly enjoying our trip together, we're having fun with
our family and friends, and we still have time to do some of the things we each
want to include in this all-too-short trip north. Each night we return to our cozy
cloud, talk about the days' events and sleep in our own bed. It's wonderful, indeed.

I'm skirting around the "nest" in this needlework piece. The instructions say to finish
the lines I've left unstitched after I applique' the fabric eggs in place. Instead, I'll work
on the other leaves, the rest of the design and add the eggs after we get back home.

Housekeeping and laundry are on the agenda today, so I know I'll probably finish this
panel as I wait for towels and jeans to dry. Then we'll be off on another adventure!

Have a great (hump)day, my dears.

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Mandy said...

Yes, there is something very satisfying in hand stitching. I find it a good time to solve problems in other projects I have on hand. So glad to hear you are having such a happy time in the Flying Cloud.

Marydon Ford said...

You do such exquisite stitching ... anxious to see the finished piece.
Have a beautiful day, sweetie.
Hugs of love,

Createology said...

Your stitching is perfection. Are you using one strand of thread? opposed to embroidery thread multi-strands? Your home away from home really sounds wonderful and allows you time to enjoy your vacation and visits with family and friends. It doesn't seem so hectic. Blissful stitching dear...

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Can't wait to see more! Sounds like you're having a great time!

TerriSue said...

It's looking beautiful, Donna.


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