August 2, 2013

Floating North In The Flying Cloud...

We spent yesterday polishing up the Flying Cloud. I imagine that it
moves faster when it's clean and shiny, and we have a few miles to cover.
We were fortunate to get our retired police officer and his wife to stay
in our home again while we're away. It really gives us a sense of security
(no pun intended) to know they're here. We can concentrate on our travels.
We'll be leaving this morning and will make it as far as Chatahoochee, FL
(in the Panhandle) before we stop for the day. Tennessee will be our next
stop, then to Jackson Center, OH to spend a couple of nights at Airstream's
factory. (We always try to stop there at least once each trip.) From there we'll
go to LaSalle, IL for one night and then coast into our Wisconsin campsite.
Each night, we'll eat home-cooked meals, relax with the dogs and sleep 
comfortably in our own beds. We'll get up early and break camp to head 
to our next destination.We're taking our time and enjoying the journey. 

We're so anxious to see two granddaughters who are celebrating their
Birthdays this month; a grandson who's planning a baseball outing with 
Grandpa; spending time with our sons and their wives; seeing old and dear 
friends at my class reunion; and catching up with Mom Grace and my sister, 
Diana and her family. We have a lot planned for our month in Wisconsin!

Don't worry, there will still be creative posts - and there is a shopping date
planned with my friend, Kathy from Troublesome Creek Quilts blog. We 
try to get together every time I make the trip north, and we do shop!

I've also packed some projects that I'll work on while we're away. I'm
looking forward to sharing them with you, so I won't leave you hanging.
Enjoy your weekend, and imagine us winding our way north.
We'll be floating along in our Flying Cloud!

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Sharon said...

Have a safe and fun trip with the corgis. I'll bet Tag is loving having a sister! Are you sure you don't want to keep her?

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Happy travels, Donna! Enjoy your special family time! I'll be praying for you! Twyla

laurajane said...

Have a good and safe trip .xx

Sue said...

Happy travels enjoy your break

Lesley said...

What fun you will have! Love those beds..they look so inviting with your beautiful quilts! Give a hug to Kathy...I met Kathy last year on a quilting cruise to Alaska...she and I shared the same table. She is a wonderful gal and a fantastic piecer!

Createology said...

Wonderful and safe travels dear. You will enjoy this trip even more this year after all you have been through. Your Flying Cloud is beautiful and seems very homey and cozy. Tag will enjoy sharing his very first home with Ceri and showing her how to "camp" in style. Blessings and Hugs...

Minimiss said...

Safe travels all of you and have a great holiday. Did you know the revival of the Airstream factory is attributed to a good old Kiwi boy? " Airstreams are now built in Ohio by Thor Industries who bought the Airstream company in the 70's when it was in deep financial strife. Thor industries was co founded by Wade Thompson, a Kiwi from Wellington, educated at Rongatai College. He was the CEO of the Thor industries company until his death in November 2009." From the Airstream NZ website.

Cathie J said...

Enjoy your trip. Sounds like a lot of fun, especially the quilt-shop trip and seeing your grandchildren.

TerriSue said...

Happy travels my dear. Have fun with Handsome, Tag and Ceri. When you get there I know you will have fun lovin' on the grandkids.

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Have a wonderful adventure! Safe travels.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Sounds like a great trip! Love the airstream - the quilts on the bed look so cozy! Be safe!


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