August 21, 2013

Just A Peek...

 In the upcoming days, I'll share some of the purchases I made when Kathy
and I went shopping in Sun Prairie and Spring Green, Wisconsin on Tuesday.

I can't tell you how many times I walked past one of Yoko Saito's books while
shopping in Country Sampler. I finally decided to pick it up (I'll show that one
another time), only to walk past this one and "have" to purchase it, too!
 This scrumptious applique' quilt immediately caught my eye. 
Being an outdoor Wisconsin girl and my affinity for all things "nature",
I was immediately taken with the stitched and appliqued' plants in this quilt.

I know a shop that carries Japanese fabrics, so I may have to do a few online
orders to get the fabrics just right to be able to create this one, but I'm in no
hurry. Doing it right is always more important to me than doing it quickly.
 There are also patterns for the most gorgeous handbags and accessories.
I'm going to have a difficult time deciding just what to tackle first!
Here is another closeup of some of the botanical appliques'.

The price for the two books I purchased was not inconsequential - each one was 
over thirty dollars - however, I can see myself creating multiple projects from them. 
I take excellent care of my books, too, so when I'm finished gleaning all the yummy 
goodness out of each of them, perhaps I'll decide to recoup some of my costs by 
sharing them with someone else. They really are too wonderful to keep all to myself!

I know it won't be anytime soon, though. I think I'll spend a lot of time dreaming on 
them before I ever take a single stitch. When I do, you'll all be the first to know. I can't 
tell you how much I enjoy sharing this creative journey with all of you. I hope that I can 
inspire you to try something new and enjoy your own creative processes along the way.
One more thing before I close today...
I'm really loving my new laptop (using the latest Mac operating system), but I haven't
been able to receive or send any of the emails coming to my Brynwood email address.
I'm reading each of your notes to me every day since we left Florida on my iPhone,
but I'm sure you understand when I tell you what a pain it is to type replies on a phone
 keyboard. I want you to know that I'll answer all your notes to me when I get home,
and ask that you bear with me while I continue to train my new laptop to behave.

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Queenie Believe said...

Very yummy books indeed, chaulk full of project goodness, enjoy!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

gsm Martin said...

Hi Donna, I can tell you are having a delightful trip. Love that new book you picked up, can't wait to see those projects you will make. Have fun, be safe and thanks for the daily blog keeping in touch with us. Gloria


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