August 6, 2013

Resting In Jackson Center...

 What day is it? Oh, yeah...It's HUMP DAY! (lol)

Monday was mostly spent looking out my passenger window at the view,
and our Flying Cloud in my rear view mirror. We were stuck in traffic an
inordinate amount of time. Cincinnati to Dayton, OH was the worst, so by the
time we reached Jackson Center (the Airstream Factory) we were whipped.

 We shared travel stories with other Airstreamers today, bought a few items in
the gift shop and rested while we had a few things done to our Flying Cloud.
 We'll finish up the last of our list today, but we are enjoying our 
camping location in the TerraPort with each other, Tag and Ceri.
 The dogs are fabulous travelers. Tag is an ol' pro, and Ceri is taking pointers from
 him. She's great at hopping into her safe spot (her kennel) in the back seat of our
truck. After she's crated, Tag jumps in next to her on his great padded bed. They
have lots of room to snooze while we drive, but they prefer nights in our camper.
(We won't mention the time Handsome took Tag outside to air him out and 
returned to find Ceri innocently standing smack in the middle of our dinette table.)

Today, we'll have just a few more things done by the Airstream techs and then
we'll motor to Champagne, IL where we'll rest for the night. By Thursday, we'll
be back in our old stomping grounds for the next couple of weeks. We can't wait!

I've been on the phone with my grade school BFF, Cyd and we're looking forward
to seeing each other for an overnight visit - and our 40th class reunion. A great 
beginning to our time in Wisconsin...with many more new memories to make.

I think I'll work on a little needlework during the day today. 
I'll show you what I accomplish tomorrow. 

Oh, and we're really loving central Ohio's weather, too. 
We couldn't have asked for anything better.

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Shirley said...

Good Morning Donna, I love the picture of Tag and Ceri in the doorway. It is so cute. Isn't it amazing where they can get when no one is watching. I am enjoying your adventure. Have fun at your class reunion. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

Createology said...

Ceri was probably just trying to see out a window to know where Tag had gone. Lovely weather on top of lovely accommodations is very important on a road trip. Enjoy your ride and class reunion pre-meet dear...

Laurie said...

I love your airstream Donna, a small one has always been my dream. Your trip sounds so awesome, and the dogs look like they're having a great time themselves! Enjoy your reunions, and the rest of your trip!


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