April 15, 2013

Tuesdays With Tag - My Florida Girlfriend...

 Hi, Everybody!
I'd like you to meet my Florida girlfriend, Megan. She's four years old. 
I guess that makes me her Toy Boy. lol

Her Grandma Deena is a friend of Mom's from the quilt store in Harbour Heights. When Deena visits Sandy's on Saturdays after Coffee Club, she usually brings this sweet little girl with her. Isn't she just the cutest thing you ever saw? She's crazy 'bout me, too!

A little while ago, my girlfriend moved with her Mom and Dad to Georgia and I was sad. You know how it is when you and your girlfriend live in different parts of the county. It's so hard to maintain a long-distance relationship! I feared I'd never see her again.
Mom happened to run into Deena, Megan and her mom at Paneras last Tuesday night and couldn't wait to tell me about it. The first thing Megan said to Mom was "Where's Tag?". Mom told her I was at home and would be at the shop on Saturday. I couldn't wait!
When we got to the shop, Mom kept me out in the Explorer until Megan got there. She came runnin' into our coffee room and scanned all the faces until she saw Mom. She said, "Where's Tag?" and Mom got me and took me into the shop. Megan grabbed my leash and took over from there.
Her mom was so surprised. "A Corgi? I thought Tag was a big dog!" Imagine that! She thinks I'm a little dog! I decided to be especially good so that Megan and I could go for a walk together. I sure love this little girl. I love my Wisconsin girls (Granddaughters 1 and 2), too, but they're family, you know?
When it was time for them to leave, Mom said she'd take me back out to our car, too. Megan said, "Can I get in the car with Tag?" and Mom said, "Sure. For a little while."

She got up into the car with me and before she left, she cuddled me and whispered in the sweetest voice, "Bye, Tag. I'm gonna miss you." I think Mom sniffled a little bit. I think I did, too. Megan's mom said they won't be back until October. Wow! That's a long time for this Corgi and his girlfriend to be apart, but I'll try to stay busy 'til I get to see her again..

I'll be sure to share my adventures with you each week and hope that Megan will get to read about them, too. I'm gonna miss that girl. Mom's singin' "My Girl" to me right now, so I'll close with a little music. See you next week! 'til then...
"More Waggin' and Less Barkin'!"

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Sue said...

Lovely post. This song is playing on Radio 2 right now. I just love the 'moves' on the video!

Createology said...

Tag I can see why you love Megan and her sweet smile. This is your first love and you will always treasure these memories. As busy as you stay October will be here very quickly. After all April is already half over. "Talking about My Girl" is now looping in my head Tag dear. Happy tail waggin...

Minimiss said...

Awww, what darling pictures Tag. I can see why you will miss each other so much. You are both so sweet.

Sharon said...

Aww Tag that song brings back some really special memories for me. You are looking so good these days and what a charming little girlfriend you have. Love you, Sharon

Queenie Believe said...

Dearest Tag:
Rest assured, October will be here before you know it. In the mean time you will be so very busy smelling everything new and wonderful on your summer adventures, keeping watch over your humans, and taking big dog naps. Keep up the good work.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Awww...this is so sweet!


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