April 22, 2013

Tuesdays With Tag - Lookin' Up...

 Hi, Everybody!
It's been a great week with Mom and Dad here at Brynwood.
Mom and I took a few trips in the Explorer (you know how dogs love 
trucks!); Mom finished the big quilt project (so she has more time to play 
with me); and Dad had THREE concerts last week! You might wonder
what all that has to do with this week's post, but I'm gonna tell you...
 When we got home after one of our trips, something really COOL happened.
Mom heard a ruckus in the back yard, so we turned around just in time to see
two birds tusslin' in mid-air. One of 'em had a fish and the other one wanted it.
The fish dropped into the grass in our yard and the bigger bird flew into our tree.
Mom ran in the house to get her camera and look what we saw...
(I know. I'm shoutin', but I can't help it. It was so cool!)
Mom said the other bird was an osprey, and after it dropped its fish,
another osprey showed up and the two of 'em were buggin' our eagle
until Mom showed up with the camera. Then, they flew away and
left the eagle alone. It stayed up in the tree, lookin' at that fish in the
grass, and finally decided it didn't want the dumb ol' fish after all.
I actually think he was really 'scared of me!

Mom said the fish didn't look hurt (well, except for bouncin' off the
grass from being dropped from about thirty feet in the air!), so she
picked it up and put it in our little pond. We thought we'd give it a 
chance. A couple of days later, Mom saw the fish floatin' on the pond.
It croaked. I know I should be more sympathetic, but hey...I'm a dog!
 That's how the struggle played out in our very own backyard this past week. 
I thought it was pretty interestin' and hope you do, too. It doesn't have 
much to do with my first paragraph, except that we took a bunch of car 
rides, and this story happened just as we were gettin' home from one.

Maybe somethin' cool will happen this week that I can tell you about next
time I see you. I'm a pretty busy guy, after all. Or maybe Mom will just
take a bunch of pictures of me lyin' around the house upside-down. That's
pretty cute, too, and it always makes 'em laugh. That's me. A bundle of joy.
 You'll just have to come back and see. 'til then...keep lookin' up, and
"More Waggin' and Less Barkin'!"

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Createology said...

Tag you certainly did have an interesting week. I was hoping you weren't going to say Mom picked up the fish and cooked it for dinner. Muhahaha. Keep up the Happy Tails and enjoy your week of adventures...

sudukc said...

Tag, that's pretty cool. We've seen Bald Eagles at state parks and wildlife areas but never in our back yard.
We've had 2 red foxes, family of raccoon and a skunk...2 turkey vultures and a red tailed hawk...wanta trade (especially the skunk and the turkey vultures)?

Sharon Chapman said...

Tag we have lots of eagles here. Glad you got to see one. We also get an occasional CA. turkey vulture and I head for the house when I see those. They look like prehistoric monsters. Take care and my mom says to say hi to your mom. Bye bye! Teddy

Minimiss said...

Wow, an eagle. I bet you don't see many of them around your yard. How exciting, what with the osprey ruckus and all. I'll certainly be back next week to see what you've been up to.

Tina AtWhatWeKeep said...

Watch out, Tag! You probably look pretty tasty. :)

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Wow boy! That was an adventure in the backyard if I ever heard of one. It's so funny how Osprey grab a fish and go flying through the air with them. The fish always looks like it's saying, "Oh noooooooooooooooo!" The eagle is fabulous. Such beautiful birds...except when they're eating bunnies. Poo

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Tag is beautiful and that eagle fabulous...wonderful week!

Linda Walker said...

I have seen a bald eagle flying around our neighborhood a couple of times since January. Prior to that I have never seen one in flight. They are majestic for sure! Also, I love the corgi photos...we have had two and well, they are special dogs!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

OH my what a day you had! First a ride in your truck and then to see an Eagle in your yard. That alone is pretty amazing.
Glad you decided against the fish it might have not treated you well.
I have missed you and mommy but really enjoyed my visit here today.
Love you both


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