April 10, 2013

A Handful of Keys...

 I decided that there would be three borders on our guild "American Treasures" 
album quilt. The first would be a narrow black border to visually separate the 
blocks. The second/main border would be "piano keys".  I would use varying 
widths cut from all the fabrics which were used to create the blocks. (These were
 all cut by Nora at the shop yesterday. She was a real life saver! Thanks, Nora!!)
 The third/final border is the same light fabric that was used as the foundation
for each of the appliqued' blocks.  I hope you agree that the effect is stunning.

I spent all of yesterday in the studio sewing the keys together and adding the
borders as shown in the pictures. I took these while the light was good, but
they weren't yet sewn together until later in the day. (They're on now, though!)
 I'm heading to Sarasota for my much-needed haircut this morning, and
then I'll be taking the quilt to Susan's in the afternoon. It will be left in
her artistic and capable hands and when it comes back to me, I'll be sure
to share photographs of the finished quilt with all of you. I'm so excited!!

In the meantime, I'll find out more about the raffle tickets and when 
they'll be available. I'm going to figure out a system so that you'll be able 
to purchase raffle tickets directly from me (and get your ticket stubs back). 
That way, anyone who cares to can have a chance to win it when it's raffled 
at our quilt show in February, 2014. I haven't decided whether or not I'll
use PayPal, or the good ol' US Postal Service, but I'll know soon to tell you.

 The next time I show you the quilt, it will be completely done.
For now, there's a celebration here at the Liljegren house. Woo Hoo!
I think Spring Cleaning is next on the list!


  1. Beautiful choice for the border! Looking forward to seeing it become a quilt!

  2. It's looking good..I live in UK,will I be able to buy a raffle ticket?

  3. Oh Donna this multi border is just perfect. The black really does set off the applique squares. Then the piano border with all the wonderful fabrics and colors really enhances the appliques themselves. Such a labor of love is creating an heirloom for generations to enjoy. Bless you and your talented quilting friends...

  4. Just wow...very nice! Congrats to all for a fabulous piece. :)

  5. Congratulations on getting this beautiful quilt done! I know this has been a huge job for you. I like how you did the corners of the piano key border. I never know what to do with the corner on those.

  6. Donna, It looks just gorgeous.

  7. Whew! I bet you enjoyed putting your feet up after all that hard work. The border choices are so wonderful - I've not seen a piano key border before and it's very effective. The whole quilt just sings now!

  8. such a beautiful work of art! Hope you have the drawing date wrong for the quilt and it's Feb. 2014, not 2013! I'd like to buy a chance at it!

  9. Oops! Thanks for the catch on the date error. I'll go in and correct it.

    Of course, everyone will be able to purchase raffle tickets. More on that later.

    Thanks again!

  10. The borders look great and I love the corner blocks in the piano key border.


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