April 12, 2013

Beautiful Day...

 Yesterday was a beautiful day indeed.
One of my oldest and dearest friends came to visit while on vacation.

Laura, and her husband, Mike have spent the last week in the Everglades, but they
 set aside time for a day with Handsome and me, and it was so lovely to see them.
Laura and I have been friends since grade school, so we have a shared history that only comes through long friendships. Our birthdays are two months apart, both on the 3rd of our respective months. When I had my needlework shop, Laura was my shop manager. Our lives have been intertwined for over forty years, and that makes it possible for us to laugh over old stories (knowing all the characters), finish sentences for each other and practically read each others minds.

We caught up on family, mutual friends and what's keeping us busy these days. We talked about our sons and their families and how quickly our grandchildren are growing. We've watched each others boys grow into loving family men and it was nice to find out what they're all doing now.

Laura and Mike told us about their week and some of the things that happened during their vacation. There were stories of alligators, day trips and good food.

I wish we could have had more time together, but we're looking forward to seeing them again when we're back in Wisconsin, and we'll definitely spend more time together the next time they come to Florida! 

It's really wonderful to share a lifetime with an old friend, and then be able to recount those shared moments years later. I can only imagine that it gets even sweeter with time, and I know that there are new memories yet to make.

It's been said that a person is fortunate to have one good friend during their lifetime. I'm especially blessed to know that there are at least six women with whom I have that sort of relationship. I don't need to name names, because I have no doubt that they already know who they are. I know for a fact that Laura Ann Elizabeth knows that she's one of them.

Thanks for the visit, Laura and Mike. 
Handsome and I are looking forward to making new memories with you again soon.

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laurajane said...

Lovely post.Wonderful to spend time with dear friends.x

Createology said...

A friendship that survives the test of time is a rare and blessed friendship and speaks well of both people. Happy photo of the two of you. Very special indeed dear lady...

Cheryl Goode-MacKinnon said...

Hi Donna, So happy your friends were able to relax & catch up with you. Alligator Stories in the Everglades ~ Oh My... You can see in your faces in the photo that you share such a great bond as life long friends...
Thank you for sharing


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