April 23, 2013

May I Have Your Attention, Please...

DPQG 2014 "American Treasures" Album Raffle Quilt
I can finally show you more photographs of the completed applique' quilt for
the 2014 Disconnected Piecers Quilt Guild Show. This is a queen size quilt
and it will be raffled at our show in February 2014. Imagine this...one lucky
winner will take this home with them (or have it shipped to them) after the show!
This is the block I designed and stitched myself.
Susan's custom quilting really made this quilt come to life. She does 
truly incredible work, and it's so perfect for all the handwork that went 
into each and every block that was a part of this heirloom-quality piece.
One of my very favorite blocks.
I don't think this album quilt would be complete without the eagle.
(Of course, I love the acorns, too!)
Another favorite...
This block makes me smile. I love how Susan quilted the sky
behind the lighthouse, and the lobsters were expertly created, too.
Of course, I have to show you the alligator block!
Can you almost taste the oranges, feel the sunshine and hear the sea?
It really doesn't take much imagination.

If you'd like to see all of the blocks and special features lovingly and 
expertly stitched into this piece, you can go to the Flickr album I created.
Just click here to see more. 

These are not the "official photographs", which will be taken soon for our
advertising images, but I just couldn't wait any longer to share them with you.

I began this quilt journey in August 2012. I am in awe of the dedication and 
talent of all the women who helped to create this masterpiece - and that we
completed it in a mere eight months! Thank you, everyone!

Our raffle tickets will be printed soon and I'll make them available for 
anyone who is interested in a chance to win the quilt. More details soon.
 For now, I'm just going to crow about my incredible quilting friends.

14 friends clicked here to leave a note for me:

Sue said...

Thats is amazing, off to look at the rest of your photos now. I'll buy some tickets once they are issued. Congratulations to everyone who had a hand in making this masterpiece

Charlie and Wendy said...

You must be so pleased and proud to be part of this gorgeous quilt. It is amazing!!

Scrap for Joy said...

This is an amazing work of art. So much detail! It must be thrilling to see the completed piece, knowing your part in it. Wonderful!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...


Buttons said...

Wow, beautiful! I think we all thought the same thing this morning...amazing! What talent you ladies have. I would love to purchase some tickets when the time comes.

Lorraine said...

A true accomplishment with stunning results.

Createology said...

Donna every time I view this quilt and the blocks I am amazed at the incredible details. I see something new each time I gaze. Every person who put a needle and thread to this project should feel extremely proud. Lots of Happy Creative Hearts...

Mandy said...

The completed quilt looks wonderful. Someone is going to be extremely lucky to own such a beautiful quilt. As someone writing from the UK, could I ask that a series of notes be written to accompany the quilt to explain the significance of each of the items contained within the blocks? It would also be nice to acknowledge the stitchers involved with each block. It has probably all been explained somewhere on this Blog, but it would be nice to keep the details together for it's lucky owner. Apologies if this has already been considered, and I missed the entry.

Minimiss said...

That is truly stunning, Donna, as I knew it would be. You and your friends have done an amoazing job and the quilting os perfect. Congratulations to you all. I'm sure you'll sell gazillions of tickets.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

WOW! That is an amazing quilt; so beautiful and colorful.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Wow! Truly a masterpiece! Twyla

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Hello Sweet Donna
Wow I am so glad I was able to visit with you today because this quilt is absolutely gorgeous. Who would not want to have this to admire in their home everyday.
Sorry I have not been a good blogging buddy. My only excuse is I don't get on my computer much any more.
I do think of you often wondering how your doing.
Now I am off to read about what Tag is doing these days.
Love ya

Cheryl Goode-MacKinnon said...

Absolutely Breathtaking..... I loved see the progress of this wonderful quilt as you talent ladies where creating it ~ The finished treasure is Incredible,
Bravo Ladies, Bravo!

Patty said...

Absolutely beautiful! Wonderful quilting and hand work. Kudos to all that put such time and effort into this work of art.


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