April 14, 2013

A New Favorite To Share...

 You've watched with interest and patience as I shared the guild quilt and other 
applique' projects with you. Perhaps you've had a lifelong love affair with these
techniques prior to my foray into this form of handwork. On the other hand, you 
may have found yourself interested in trying your own hand at applique' since
reading more about it here at Brynwood Needleworks. Either way, I've recently 
added this book to my personal library and I have two copies that I'd like to 
make available to anyone else who might like to own one.

"Simply Successful Applique'" by Jeanne Sullivan is informative and beautiful.
 This softcover book is 126 pages long, and it has a bonus CD which includes
nine projects and full-size template patterns. Within the pages of the book 
you'll find all the information you need to execute beautiful applique' in 
various techniques - whether you choose to do them by hand or by machine.
 I'm offering two copies of this book in an Ebay "Buy It Now" listing.
FREE domestic shipping.

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