April 29, 2013

Tuesdays With Tag - Call My Lawyer...

 "Tag, Honey. Turn around and look at Mom so I can take your picture."
"Why not?" (giggle)
"It's NOT funny, Mom!!"
"What's not funny?" (still giggling)
 "You're a real laugh-a-minute, Mom. You and Dad. REEAL funny!"
"Why, Tag. Whatever do you mean?" (chuckling now)
 "A guy tries to mooch a little people breakfast and what do you do?
Slap a stupid sticker on my face and expect me to pose for dumb pictures."
"I need to contact my Facebook friend, JJ Pumpernickle Adams and start some
sort o' action here. I'm not gonna stand for this indignity, you know. I'd rather
 think up my own silly stuff and we can all laugh. This isn't my idea of fun."

"I'm sorry, Tag. (laughing out loud now) I'll take off the sticker and we won't
ever, ever, ever do it again. We'll do our best to make you a dignified dog."

"Yuh, huh. I bet. Right up until you find another goofy hat, sticker or article of
 clothin' to slap on my sleek, handsome self. I'm not buyin' it for one minute. Hey!
What does it mean if your fingers are crossed behind your back? Ya got a treat?"

"Uhhhhh, nevermind, Little Man. I'll just put the camera away for this week."

"I've had enough for this week. I'm sure y'all are laughin', but I'm gonna go 
call JJ (he's a husky who is the self-appointed, highly respected lawyer for all
us dogs on Facebook. He's gonna be all over this case and heads are gonna roll!).
I know it's gonna cost Mom and Dad lots of treats, a bunch of car rides and
probably multiple trips to PetSupermarket with ME in the cart! I'll let you know
how the final settlement works out. 'til then..."

"More Waggin' and Less Barkin'!" 
(For now)

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Kris said...

Sorry, Tag, I laughed so hard I almost wet my pants!! ROFL!!!!

sissie said...

Hi Tag,
I'm sorry but I had to laugh, so go ahead and sue me!LOL!
Seriously though, you are so adorable with or without the sticker on your head.


Marydon said...

How could one not laugh, Tag! You are too adorable ... sticker or no sticker.


Tina AtWhatWeKeep said...

Oh, Taggie...did you get the banana at least???
Smooches, T.

Createology said...

Oh Tag Dear I know you can never truly understand humans as we are a strange breed...however please know that you are the very best dog to allow such silliness. At first glance I thought you were wearing a tag...in honor of your name...Tag. I know I too am human and strange. Thank you for letting us have a good laugh at your expense little guy. Smooches (and a treat or two) to make up???

Sharon said...


This was the cutest post ever. Sorry, but I laughed and laughed!


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