April 17, 2013

It's Almost Finished...

Photo courtesy of Susan Slaton - Wazoo Quilter
Susan posted these photos on our guild Facebook page yesterday, so I immediately 
asked her for permission to use them to share with you on my blog. She was kind 
enough to agree. I'm so excited to be able to share these photographs with you!

Susan is also from Wisconsin, so the first picture she posted was of the Wisconsin block.
I'm so pleased with the way this block turned out...and a little proud that it's the one
that I designed and created myself. I know I'll be doing this block again for my own quilt.
Photo courtesy of Susan Slaton - Wazoo Quilter
Susan took this photograph to show how she did the stitching between the blocks.
Isn't it wonderful how it camouflages the seams (sans sashing) between each one?
Photo courtesy of Susan Slaton - Wazoo Quilter
Susan even added a few surprise touches within some of the blocks. Look how she
stitched a flower blossom that matches the bloom in the Iowa basket! She's so creative.
Photo courtesy of Susan Slaton - Wazoo Quilter
This is the custom quilting that Susan created for each of the four "empty" blocks 
in each corner. Don't you agree that they are "stand-alone" gorgeous!
Photo courtesy of Susan Slaton - Wazoo Quilter
Susan took this photograph when she took a break for lunch. 
Of course, I teased her. Lunch? "You stopped quilting for lunch?" I can only imagine
the physical and mental concentration that goes into creating this kind of work.
I'd have to lie down for half the day (at least)! lol
Photo courtesy of Susan Slaton - Wazoo Quilter
This is the final picture from Susan to share with you today. She hasn't done any 
quilting on the piano keys yet in this photo, but she's finished the outer border. Don't 
you want to just FAINT? I'm telling you. I could weep looking at how much Susan's 
work adds to the quilt. It makes me want to start all over and make another one for 
myself...almost. I think I'll wait until next year to do another. But rest assured. 
I am going to make another.

Please be sure to visit Susan's blog, Wazoo! Newsbits. 
She posts all of her projects on her blog each week and I can assure you that she's one 
crazy, busy lady! Just click here to visit, and please let her know I invited you to visit.

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Sue said...

That is AMAZING, I can only imagine the work that has gone into this piece and the overall value. Who gets to keep it?

Lesley said...

Amazing appliqué, piecing, and quilting! Well done by you both!

Anonymous said...

Let us know when your guild will be selling tickets.

Shirley said...

Hi Donna, Susan has done an awesome job and I can't wait to see it finished. Looking forward to seeing the quilt finished. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

This quilt just keeps getting better and better!

Createology said...

Susan's quilting is absolutely breathtaking. This truly is an artform all unto itself. When I go to a quilt show there is always one quilt that is a showstopper for me because of the long arm quilting done. Donna you and your group should feel so very proud of this heirloom you have created. Truly lovely...

laurajane said...

WOW.....absolutely stunning.x

Rettabug said...

It truly IS drop-dead GORGEOUS, Donna! I shall go visit Susan to see some of her other work. Wish I'd known about her when I lived in Venice 10 yrs ago!

I may take out a loan to buy a million tickets for this gem. LOL


Minimiss said...

Simply stunning quilting to go with some pretty stunning applique.

Karen Gass said...

The quilting on this quilt is ABSOLUTELY beautiful! You have a very talented machine quilter in your group!! I've been following the progress of this quilt, but now I can't remember what it's for....?

Well, I'm sure the subject will come up again in a future post - you guys have done an incredible job. Makes me want to applique! :)


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