April 19, 2013


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Lifting prayers for all those affected by this week's events in 
Boston, MA and West, TX.

We Americans are strong and resilient. 
We can overcome anything...even
when we've been brought to our knees.
Through it all, we are one Nation - united.

The rest of American weeps with you as you grieve your losses,
hopes with you as you look toward tomorrow and
stands in awe of your immense courage and resolve.

We want you to know that you're not alone as you begin your healing.

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Danice said...

Such sad events. Joining you in prayers for all of those people.

laurajane said...


ShirleyC said...

It has been a very sad and upsetting week. I sure hope things calm down for a while and those people effected can start to heal.

Minimiss said...

Tragic times for many Americans. Our thoughts are with you.

Createology said...

Too many incidents that are tragic and trying our resolve to be strong. Please be kind to fellow humans. Well done post Donna Dear...


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