March 18, 2011

March Blissfull Traded ATCs...

I sent off my artist trading card (and a little something extra) to my Blissfull Swap partner, Penny, so I'd like to share what I made for her. Her blog is Palaver from Pellie and Genghis Khat.

Wendy, who hosts the Blissfull group, gave us the challenge image for this month's card. It really was a challenge, too! Neither my partner nor I were quite sure what we would do with it.
I finally settled on printing out the image on fabric, then sewing it to a duppioni silk background that I had quilted. I even used vintage silk thread in my machine! I stitched silk cord to the outside edge of the card, and then added metallic-lined glass beads and a sweet little dragonfly charm. I stayed with the dragonfly theme for her extra "something" gift, too.
Penny really worried over her cards (she sent me emails), but I have to admit, when I opened her package it was immediately evident that she was much more creative with the challenge than I. Her cards are stunning!
She, too, added the image supplied by Wendy, but look where she used it! See the little book in the girl's hand? Surprise! She used a Silk Road map as her focus of this card which she called "Traveling Along The Silk Road". She added blue dragonflies and then that sweet little girl. I think she was so clever in the execution of the theme, but she sent a second card, too!
This card features the same (clever) little girl, but for this card, Penny used a handmade paper as the background and then created these incredible blossoms and branch which she attached to the card. The dragonfly for this card is gold-tone and occupies a corner. She called it "Dragonfly Moon".

Thank you for your cards, Penny. I really love the time, effort and talent that you put into both of them. Either alone would have been enough. I'm the lucky person in this month's swap!

Thanks again to Wendy for all her hard work and efforts matching up swap partners for our exchanges each month. If you're interested in participating in the swap group, click here to visit Wendy's Blissfull ATC Swap blog. You need not participate every month. You can pick and choose the themes you'd like to join. We're always happy to have more in the group.

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Grandma Yellow Hair said...

These cards are all beautiful. I can not imagine making the one you did or the ones she did because they both look so hard. lol
But they are really pretty and I am glad you shared them with us.
Just thinking about you and wanted to come by and say hello
Hope you and handsome have a wonderful weekend
Love ya

Carol at Serendipity said...


Absolutely beautiful work from you both. I still haven't turned on the machine but I have accomplished a lot of other stuff!



Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey Donna! Your card is so beautiful. Love it, love it. And Penny's was as cute as can be too. All I can say was you were a good match for each other and you're 2 lucky girls.

Have a wonderful weekend...Tracy :)

Busy As Can Be said...

Your work is so beautiful I always love stopping by to look.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

What a beautiful swap! Love the dragonfly theme - can't wait to see them in our yard again this year! Happy Spring! Theresa

Createology said...

It is always so interesting to see how different people express the very same challenge. Love them all...

Michelle May (Shell) said...

Fabulous! That swap sure has been lots of fun. You have made and received the best stuff!
xx, shell

Sew Loquacious Angela said...

Penny's card are terrific! How clever! Yours is beautiful, too. I love the quilting you've done and the beads. Very pretty.
I made mine out of fabric, too.
Take care,


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