March 6, 2011

A Girl Can Dream...

This is the inside of my fabric cabinet. Well, one of them, anyway. I rearranged and tidied up the stacks over the weekend, which I do from time to time to reassess my stash. Sometimes I need to remind myself just what I have.
But, this is more like what it usually looks like. It's two stacks deep, with stuff in front of the fabric stacks. Sometimes, it's just more fabric. Sometimes it's an iron and charm packs and sewing machine parts in storage. It's a bit frustrating when I need something, because I have to move the front stuff to get to the back.

The cabinets I have right now are like the ones that people have installed in garages (at least where we live). They're about 20" deep, which is perfect for garages, but they take up a lot of floor space because of their added depth, and create the situation where I have I'm able to have double layers to sort through.
I know you probably saw the bolts on the bottom shelf in the previous photo. No. They're not full bolts, but Kathy (at the quilt shop) saves the empty bolts for me so that I can store larger quantities on them. I often roll two or three fabrics from a collection onto them to keep them together. Even here, the bolts are stacked two deep.

Now, I completely understand that you have absolutely no sympathy for me with my current dilemma. I admit I'm more fortunate than most. Some (I know, Shell) might say I'm spoiled. But, even with all this abundance, I'd like to be more organized, with my supplies more accessible.
This is what I dream about. Billy cabinets from Ikea...with Morebo glass doors. They're 11" deep. No room for double stacks.
There is a narrower model to help fit a collection of them into a nook or on a full wall. I may need one or two of these to hold my buttons and ribbons.

They even have extra risers. in the wide and narrow versions, to put on the top of the cabinets so that I have extra storage outside the doors.
Then, I'd love to remove the carpeting that's been in the studio for the past 11 years and replace it with this vinyl/linoleum flooring that looks like wood. It's on the floor in our camper, and I've seen it in doctor's offices lately.

It's "cushy" on my feet, would make for easy chair movement when I'm sewing and cleaning would be a breeze.

So there you have it. My studio wish list. A girl can dream, right?

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Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey Sweetie. Your cabinet looks so neat an organized. I'm still dreaming of a craft room myself. Right now I'm crammed in one corner of my bedroom which already has too much furniture in it. I did the same thing with my fabric a couple of months ago. I used scrap card board for bolts to organize the fabric. Even though it want win any prizes it's so much easier to access. I took a photo meaning to post but just haven't.

Well now that I've hogged up all your space I'll let you go. Hope you have a fun weekend. Now go seize the week, it's all yours. OX's...Tracy :)

Carol said...

Hi Donna
I have a craft room that used to be a bedroom that's pretty organized. Would not want to switch out my burgundy carpet though. Its such a challenge to find red beads when I drop them...keeps my mind sharp. And the dog hair...when my dogs think its their room too so God only knows where that hair would end up if I couldn't vacuum every day. The dogs seem to resent the space the vacuum is taking since I bought a new one that has made its home there. But, O I would love to have glass door cabinets. Right now I have drawers and plastic containers.

I am dreaming right with you.
xx, Carol

Carol at Serendipity said...


I looked up those cabinets and they are wonderful! I am still organizing the room but have made great strides! You're not too spoiled....


Claudia said...

Go for it!


Crowsnest Pass Primitive Folk Art said...

I have those Ikea Billy cabinets with the risers in my studio...they hold my art supplies, wool & fabric nicely...although I could use a few more there just isn't the space...hugs susan

The French Bear said...

Sigh, you have everything and it is all so tidy.....I need to get help....probably from Hoarders Anonymous!!!
Your room is a dream and so it!!!

GerryART said...

What would life be
without our DREAMS ! ! ! !
Love your organized shelves.

ShirleyC said...

I can relate to your closets. Even though I am also blessed just to have a sewing room, my closet is very deep on each side. So I can only easily access what is right in front of the folding doors.
I have to store (cram) things on each side that I don't use often. Then if I do need them, I have to unloade a shelf or 2 to get to them.
I also wish I had wood floors in here, but since we're about to put floors in at the other half of the house, there's no way I can afford it in here too.
Now I'm going to go back and take a close look at all of that fabric you have!

Jillayne said...

Yes a girl can dream, and it's a good dream!
I wish to be more organized as well; I have a cabinet with shelves about 11" deep and glass doors with just the right shabby look and it houses most of my fabric - trouble is, it won't fit in my room! And the worst part - my fabric won't fit all fit in it - so I have some literally here and there - ugh!
I love when you get your ideas as they help spark my own - I think I'll just saunter upstairs and see what I can see...
And I don't think you're spoiled - spoiled is to have it and not use it!

Createology said...

This is a very practical dream and therefore it should come true. I know these deep cabinets as Mr. C does have them in his workshop. I rather like your choices from Ikea as they are much more conducive to your wonderfully organized supplies. I too would like a wood floor as opposed to the carpet that is always collecting threads and what-not! Happy Dreaming Donna...

MosaicMagpie said...

Oh yes we can dream! I would love to have that flooring in my den. Since we are dreaming here....I would love to have all that fabric you have so neatly stacked. I would love to have MY fabric so neatly stacked. There is an IKEA near me and I love going there. My favorite part the sratch and dent room....BARGAINS!!!

Michelle May said...

Dream big girlfriend! Dream big! You know I love the organization!!!
xx, shell

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I love IKEA for storage always have gentle inspiration for all of us to use in our own studios. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Karen said...

Before my quilting and stitching goodies lived in boxes that were pushed in the bottom of the hall closet. Now happily our second bedroom has become my "IDEA room". I started with one cabinet at a time. Now I only wish for a ironing board solution, large board with two cabinets under it for additional storage. Wait and it will come..


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