March 28, 2011

Golden Slumbers...

They're finished and "installed" in the Flying Cloud. I got the two quilts back from Kathy on Friday and I bound them over the weekend.

Flying Cloud quilt - Manly (Handsome's) is on the left and Flying Cloud quilt - Girly (mine) is on the right. Handsome's is 12" longer overall because he needed the extra length.
After I finished binding the quilts and they were ready to go to the "cottage", I realized that I needed coordinating pillow cases. I've made multiples of these, but they give you an idea of the main fabric, trim and borders I used for each pair.

These pillow cases are easy to make. I created six of them in about an hour and a half, so they're quick projects too. Sorry I didn't get photos of them on the pillows in the cottage. Let me know if you'd like a photo tutorial for the pillowcases.
One more view of the bedroom in our cottage. I wanted you to be able to see the difference on the borders, too. Handsome's (Manly) quilt is more musical and a little darker than mine. My (Girly) quilt has more flowers, but does have border and binding in the same music-themed fabric so that they "go together"...just like Handsome and I do! More cottage projects soon. I do have a question for my crafty pals out there. The photo above is from "Julry" on etsy (Here's her link) Do any of you have tutorials for safety pin button bracelets like this?

My friend, Natalie of Hungry Hippie has shared one, but Sharon of Corgis in my Garden has been looking for one that uses lots of buttons with shanks. Something on the order of the one in this photo. I told Sharon I would put the question out there and see what my readers might be able to share.
Finally, I want to remind you that my Second Blog Birthday giveaways end on the 31st. There's still time to enter. You can click on the giveaway button here to enter.

Thanks, always for visiting and leaving comments for me. Good luck to all who have already entered the drawing! See you again tomorrow.


  1. Donna,

    Your quilts are beautiful and I love the pillowcases.

    Thanks for posting about the bracelet. Can't wait to see if you get any ideas.

    Love to Fez from the girls!

  2. Lovely Cottage quilts... and yes a tutorial onthe pillow cases that sew up so quickly would be nice...

    hope you find the directions for the bracelt too... those are real cute.

    have a great day Donna

  3. Your quilts turned out beautifully - Congrats !!!

  4. They're so pretty Donna. Their picture perfect for your cottage room. I love the light and airy look.

    Hugs...Tracy :)

  5. Super-D-Duper job on both quilts, Donna! They coordinate beautifully without being too matchy-matchy & how nice that you made pillowcases, too. I love how they echo the soft colors of the wood in your "cottage". Good eye!

    Can't wait to see what else you come up with for this little mobile home-away-from-home.

  6. The quilts sure give your "House on Wheels" a homey feel. (We live in the RV capital of the world. When my youngest grandson was small and visited his dad's work, he came back telling us his dad made a "House on Wheels".

    I really like the subtle map material you used on the pillow cases. I'd love to see how you make yours. I used to make the boys pillowcases out of "Special" material that kept the monsters away.

    Oh, your post is bringing back lots of memories for me!
    xx, Carol

  7. Well, those quilts surely do look even more stunning all finished and on the beds. WOW! And pillowcases to match!? Goodness that's wonderful!!

  8. The quilts look wonderful and I love the pillowcases, too. Sorry - can't help with the bracelet....

  9. Donna,
    The quilts are just lovely. Pillowcases, too. I made a scrap sack with the General. Still just put ing around with iPad and Mac. Life is good.

  10. They turned out great! I love how you customized and personalized them and the colours are perfect. You will have such pleasant dreams in your little "cottage".
    I've not heard of safety pin bracelets so am no help there at all - looks very interesting though!

  11. I just love it all. The quilts are wonderful and then the pillowcases just push it all over the top!

    Mary Ann

    Handcrafted by Mary Ann Miller

  12. Love your personalized quilts for your Cloud Cottage. Your pillowcases are perfect. I would love to see your technique on making them.
    Open safety pins and "string" beads or button shanks on, then close safety pin. When enough pins (to fit your wrist) are ready use elastic Magic Cord and string each safety pin at one end with a small bead in between and tie off per Magic Cord instructions. Then repeat for the opposite end of the safety pin with the Magic Cord and a small bead in between. The safety pins are not end-to-end they are side-by-side for stringing with the elastic. The small bead is merely a spacer for the beaded/buttoned safety pins to have room to show off the beads/buttons as they lay side-by-side. I hope this helps...

  13. G'day Donna ~ What a charming bracelet & idea. Love it!

    Have a beautiful day, my friend ~
    TTFN ~

  14. Hi Donna!

    Your quilts are BEAUTIFUL! So light & cheerful ~ perfect for a cottage!

    I have been away too long! Thawing out up here finally, and enjoying catching up on your past posts!


  15. Createology is right about making the bracelets. One thing I would add is the safety pins are flipped every other one. The clasp is on the top, then on the bottom. I do not add beads on the stringing cord, but when adding a bulkier item like the buttons, the beads may help lighten the look. The tiny little brass safety pins make very cute bracelets.
    Love the quilts!

  16. The quilt look gorgeous it gives the cottage a warm homey feel.

  17. Donna, your quilts and pillow cases look so lovely. Have a nice week! Twyla

  18. Gorgeous Donna! They turned out Gorgeous! I Love that you made his a bit different than yours AND LONGER. How tall is the big guy? My Dad in Law was 6'8... and I have 3 sons that are all tall too. I've always "THOUGHT" of putting extensions on sheets, etc! I LOVE your materials and I'm going to be making some of your pillowcases! Thank you SO MUCH for all this inspiration.
    Hugs to you,

  19. Donna, the quilts are perfect for your new mobile cottage. Love that they are a bit different. You are so clever to make the pillow cases too. I'm in awe of your unending talent and energy. ~ sarah

  20. Ohhhhhhhhh wow! I love them!!! What a cozy and wonderful place to dream! Perfect!
    xx, shell

  21. Donna,
    So beautifully cozy and lovely as is your "cottage". Love the pillowcases and so many thanks for the tutorial. I love reading your blog and check it daily.


  22. The quilts are just lovely, Donna! :) But I knew they would be. Theresa

  23. I'm lovin' these pillow cases and quilts! The map fabric is pretty. Your talent and eye for putting fabric together is amazing, Donna!

    We are heading to Wisconsin in June. Fondy is one stop, I can't wait to step on familiar soil. It's like going home. I so miss our city at 'the foot of the lake'.
    Hope you are well and enjoying spring.
    Linda :)

  24. SWEET SWEET SWEET dreams in your Flying Cloud!! What a fabulous project to complete in seemingly record time!! AWESOME!!
    Sweet joy and blessings on your travels....


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