March 11, 2011

Into Each Life...

a little rain must fall.
Of course, nothing major, in this case.
I think they changed the formula for my favorite spray.
My favorite Egyptian Cotton Linen Spray.

How could they?
The fragrance is still the same -
except that it now seems to be severely watered down.

I've been using this spray for over five years.
I've even bragged it up to all of you.
I have to admit that I'm slightly peeved.

I want my old spray back.
I used the last of the old batch on these (now finished) Flying Cloud quilt fronts and backs. These went off to Kathy at Sandy's Quilt Shop on Thursday so that she could perform her thread magic on them.

Kathy said that everyone at the shop always knows when I bring my quilt tops in because they smell so good. She said she could barely smell the cotton spray on these tops this time. My quilts consistently smell clean (I'm fanatic about that)...but also unique because of the spray. I like that.

I don't want to use lavender or chamomile. Heck, I'll fall asleep trying to piece them! I'm going to be looking for an explanation from someone about my cotton spray. If anyone knows anything about whether or not they've changed the formulation, please shed a little light on this for me. If I learn anything more, I'll be sure to let you know.

In the meantime, I'm taking suggestions for an alternative from my blogger girlfriends. Anyone have any ideas?

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Sharon said...


For some reason, I have not gotten your email with your address. Are you sending it to

Liszha said...

This linen sprays and stuff like that, we don't have that in Holland. I bought lavender pillow mist in Johannesburg and it is almost finished and I am searching for something simular but it is just not available uphere and my company is not going to Joburg anymore...............sob.......

Sherri said...

Donna, don't you just hate that! All sorts of companies do that-they get you hooked on their product and then they alter it-very maddening! Can't say that I can help you with the new spray idea, hopefully you'll find a wonderful replacement soon. Good luck.

sissie said...

Hi Donna,
Have you tried contacting the company. Maybe it was a bad batch and they will send you another.
Or, maybe they did change their formula or are adding more water.

I love for my linens to smell good too. I ususally buy mine at Home Goods and it's pretty good.


Mary Ann said...


I just bought some linen spray from Prim Hearts Hallow on eBay. I love it and am pleased. They are on vacation until March 20th, so I'm not seeing anything listed right now.

They have one called "clothesline".

Suzann said...

Oh no!! I hate when favorite things get altered. Why do companies try to fix things that aren't broken!? Ugh.
Here's hoping you find a resolution!!!

Deb said...

Don't you just hate when a company changes a product. I get a wonderful defuser from The Happy Soul in Rosemary/Mint. The aroma is so relaxing. Unfortunately the last batch I bought is so watered down is doesn't defuse into the room any longer - you have to practically stand over it. I'm so sad because the scent is heavenly.

Claudia said...

Why do manufacturers mess with a good thing? Leave well enough alone, I say.

Probably a cost cutting measure.


Sarah said...

Donna, I've never used these sprays, but the idea sounds very nice indeed. I'm sharing my very first quilt today for Pink Saturday. Stop by if you have time. ;-)
~ Sarah

Marydon said...

I am no help at all, Donna. I've smelled some of these scents tho not used them ...

Happy St. Paddy's Day ~
Have a wonderful weekend ~


BLISS angels said...

Donna I know don't you just hate it when they change something... and that explains why your ATC and the dollie you sent had such a wonderful smell to it....Hugs Wendy

te_roti said...

Don't you just hate it when companies change their brews? And they sometimes have the gall to advertise it as "new and improved". According to who? I liked it just the way it was, that is why I bought it. Sheesh!!! I hope you get some answers.



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