March 22, 2011

The Lutterloh System...

Are you familiar with the Lutterloh System? If you make your own clothing (or have in the past, or would like to in the future) this is a wonderful way for you to be sure that your clothes fit every time. The system provides patterns sized exactly to your body, without the need for a body double or duct tape dress form!

When you purchase the system, you receive a binder with starter patterns, a tape measure, a special marking gauge, pins, double stick tape and marking pen. I can't remember if I purchased the plastic designer's curve (not shown) with my kit, or if I purchased it separately, but you want to have one of those, too. A smaller cardboard one does come inside the binder.
Each 5 x 7 pattern page in the binder has the garment piece(es) shown on the front...
and the actual pattern printed is on the back.
The system includes complete instructions on how to create your pattern, but the simple explanation is that you start with your own specific measurements. Then, using the special gauge and measuring tape, transfer the measurements (shown as dots) from the small pattern onto Swedish pattern paper, creating an upsized version in your own size. Genius!
There is a pamphlet that gives basic information for pattern making, and the company also has a video on its website that gives an overview. (Click this link to watch the short version of the video.) There is also a longer instruction video, showing step-by-step directions. In addition, you can order more seasonal or special supplement patterns (in sets) from their website.

If you're a novice seamstress, you might be a bit overwhelmed with the process. Especially if you aren't sure about the "order of assembly" on a regular pattern. But that doesn't mean that you can't learn this system. Each pattern actually tells you the order of assembly in the form of matching alphabet references. All the information a person needs to make each garment is coded onto the pattern pieces. Who knows? Perhaps it would actually be easier for a novice to learn with this system over conventional patterns!

I've been using conventional patterns for over forty years, so I came to this process "prewired". I let you know after I make my first garment via Lutterloh whether or not that was an advantage or disadvantage.

Here's the link to Lutterloh's main page in case you're just itching to know more.

I'm really looking forward to creating my first garments, and I promise to actually model the results for you. (As my friend, Kate at Chronicles of a Country Girll says in her blog header, "Try not to get to excited." giggle)

A few of you left comments yesterday, expecting that I'd have everything made by today. I really appreciate your vote of confidence, but Tuesdays are full of music rehearsals and evening Books a Million gatherings with girlfriends. So there was no sewing yesterday.

Today, Handsome and I are heading to a ball game (Tampa Bay Rays vs. Philly) with friends. That means I won't get a shot at making anything before tomorrow. I have prewashed the knit fabrics, so they're waiting for me in the studio. I'm going to prewash the linen fabric I showed you yesterday, and that's the fabric I'll be using for my Lutterloh pattern. I'm really chomping at the bit to get to it, but I'm going to enjoy the day and think about those new projects later.

Cue the music, bring in the cute dog and the little red-haired girl with no eye pupils. "Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow..." (Sorry. I just couldn't resist.)

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Buttons said...

That is so interesting Donna. Thanks for explaining it all. I was wondering what Lutterloh was. You are right, it would be way...past me.Have fun with it. I can't wait to see the results! (*_*)

Mary Ann said...


Would you beleive I had to get up early and turn the computer on so I could check and see what you were going to post today about the Lutterloh. I had a denist appointment at 8:10 AM and was just too excited to wait until I got back to see what you had to say!! I had never heard of this sewing system so I am axious to see what you think of it.

DeeDee said...

I lov ethis..i have been making my own patterns since I began sewing... thats how my grandma taught me.... never see this way thou... will be fun to see what you create for you...

MosaicMagpie said...

I made so many costumes while my daughters were involved in plays. Not only for them but many others. What a dream this would have been to get the fit right for each and every one!

Michelle May (Shell) said...

Too cool!
Hope you had a fun day!
xx, shell

Createology said...

This pattern system seems like an excellent way to get the perfect fit. Hope you enjoyed the ball game. Happy pattern fitting...

Karen said...

I regularly make my own clothes, but I am learning patternmaking. Now, I have tried Lutterloh. I made the vest, and was I surprised when it fit me perfectly! usually I have to make a length adjustment, because I am tall. Nope, it was the right length.

So, I figured I'd try again, and make a blouse. I think I did something wrong, because it was too small in the bust. I haven't tried ti again, but plan to :)

Rettabug said...

This system sounds very interesting! I so seldom make things for myself, though. Its because I know I have a very small window of time that Ms. C. will be willing to wear Nana's handmade creations. I dread the attack of the Hanna Montana look!!!

I hope it works well for you & I look forward to seeing the end results, especially that bi-color vertical looking top...very slimming! ;-)


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