March 17, 2011

Fezzik Friday - 39 Weeks...

Hi, everybody!
Time again for another Fezzik Friday!

My friends, Freddy Bumbles and Lily Dawgins are two really handsome corgis that we met through The Daily Corgi blog. We're soon became friends with them on Facebook. Yesterday, Lily posted a pretty photo of herself on her FB page, and it got me to thinking. I decided this week that maybe I'd like to be a male model!

I told Mom about it, and she liked the idea (thinking I'm quite the attractive lad, after all). Mom grabbed her camera and she and I had a little photo shoot in the afternoon. I'd like to share a few of my personal favorites.
Looking "rugged, yet vulnerable"...

I think I do "haughty" pretty well.
Besides, it shows off my chiseled features,
don't you think?

This is me doing "alert" - in a covert kind of way.

You can see in this photo, that I'm emoting
"happy and ready for any adventure".

I hear that's an attribute that
photographers really like in a model!

What I learned yesterday is that modeling is really tiring! I might have to rethink this career path. Between swimming, playing with Kessie and being a good dog for Mom and Dad, I'm not sure I'd have enough energy left to be a profitable male model. (Yeah, right! hee hee) Corgis are always full of energy. It's the Corgi Way!

Well, we've got a lot of fun things planned for the day and our whole weekend. I hope you have a nice weekend planned for you and your families, too. I'll see what I can come up with for next week. 'til then, remember...

"More wagging. Less barking!"
Fezzik Inconceivable

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Carol said...

Hey Fez Friend!
You are such a MUG!! I never sit pretty like that for pictures. I don't like it when my ma points that machine on me. I try to hide my face...I have a snaggle tooth you know. I just lay down and she goes away. You gotta watch that male model stuff. I saw a calendar once that had a poor mutt dressed up different in every picture. They ain't never dressin me up like that. When you see your mom with sunglasses and the camera, you better run. Your pictures are libel to catch on and bye, bye, swim pool and chasin rabbits. You'll never get a minute alone.

Well, I off to eat my puppy chow now...thats what my ma calls it anyway. She still calls me "pup" and I'm almost 10. Ya gotta love it.

Your pard, Jack

Carol at Serendipity said...


He is just too much. I love to read these posts - make me giggle. Have a great weekend.


Sherri said...

Except for the fact it is tiring, Fez I think you are the perfect male model!! You do have so many other obligations to fill though like swimming, playing, teasing Kessie, keeping up with Mom and Dad, etc. Have a good weekend, you handsome doggie you!!

Ruby said...

Oh! Fez, what a hoot you are! Thanks for the smiles and giggles. I went to visit Fred and Lily. No facebook for me. I spend enough time on the computer.

I'm trying to decide if I prefer 'rugged' or 'haughty'...ummmmm.... said...

quel merveilleux petit chien, l'amour se lit dans ces yeux !
amitiés de FRANCE

MosaicMagpie said...

Fez my love, you are looking great! I am told models are very well paid. I am sure your modeling efforts deserve an extra biscuit or "tricky treat" as they are called at my house.

Mary said...

Fezzik you're sooooo handsome! You would be a great model....{{hugs}}

Createology said...

Oh Fezzik you are perfect for modeling. But wait...why would you want to work when you have such a great life now?!! What if you had to model some stupid thong bathing suit in a freezing ocean on a very early morning in sand blowing all over??? Okay, now back to just continue to be the best Fezzik you can be and keep Kes, Mom and Dad happily enjoying your antics. Wonderful weekend to all...

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Fezzie, you are the most handsome male model I have ever seen! Have a nice weekend! Twyla

sissie said...

Hi Fezzik,
I think you are destined for fame, that is if you have the time. You seem to have a very busy schedule.
Your photo shoot is worthy of a wonderful portfolio. I'm sure you will be the next Pet Star!


sissie said...

Hi Fezzik,
I think you are destined for fame, that is if you have the time. You seem to have a very busy schedule.
Your photo shoot is worthy of a wonderful portfolio. I'm sure you will be the next Pet Star!


Shirley said...

Thank you Fezzie for making me chuckle a little today. You really are a handsome model and know exactly how to get momma to do what you want her to do. You all have a great weekend. Your Missouri Friend.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Fezz - you are SOOOO cute! I want to shower you with doggy treats and big hugs. I know that modeling may be tiring, but you truly do it well! Theresa

Sue said...

Fez, You're a handsome fellow- don't let the modeling biz change you, if you decide to go into that line of work! Stay true to yourself~

te_roti said...

You are so adorable young Fezzik Inconceivable.


Michelle May (Shell) said...

You are just tooooooo cute for words my boy! I think you could make millions!!!
xx, auntie shell


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