March 9, 2011


Flying Clouds - Girly version
The "girly" version of the Flying Cloud quilt is ready to go to Kathy for machine quilting. I'm nearly finished with the "manly" version, too.
Flying Clouds - Manly version
See the difference? Darker fabrics and less floral. Actually, the darker gold is a music-themed fabric that I have a lot of. It will also be the border for the quilt. Perfect for Handsome. The 1.5" border on his is one of the "girly" quilt fabrics from mine, and the music-themed fabric is the 1.5" border on mine.Flying Clouds - Closeup of the Manly version before sewing
I'll be adding the 1.5" and 6.5" borders to the "manly" version today and then take them both over to Kathy's late afternoon. The backing for both will be the travel-themed fabric that I purchased especially for this project.

I spoke with our granddaughters yesterday. My six year old sweetheart asked me how I was going to spend my day (after telling me what her plans were). When I told her I was going to be sewing on the two quilts, referring to one as "girly" (for Grandma) and one as "manly" (for Grandpa), she got quite the kick out of it. Her mom told me that she repeated the references as she handed the phone to her little sister...and then she giggled. I'm glad that I was able to tickle her...even if it was long distance.

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Sherri said...

Donna, both quilts are just beautiful works of art!!! Enjoy them when you have them all done!

Carol at Serendipity said...


Just gorgeous. I still have not touched the sewing machine. I am still arranging stuff. Having fun though.


Suzann said...

These colors are all delightful. Soothing and restful, yet cheerful.

Enjoy your day, however you choose to spend it!!

Patty C. said...

Your quilts are looking beautiful Donna -

MosaicMagpie said...

Any giggles you get from a grandchild are precious! The quilts are beautiful and we knew they would be.

Patty said...

Looking good Donna. Don't you just love to make you grand kids giggle?

Sarah said...

Cute! Love the idea of a pair, one for him and one for her. ;-)
~ Sarah

Michelle May said...

Love them! Pinwheels has always been one of my most favorite blocks. They just make me happy to look at them!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Both versions are SO lovely! I love the color scheme. :) Theresa


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