October 28, 2016

This Season's Harvest...

Brynwood Needleworks - 2016 Hickory Nut Harvest
I've finished shelling my 2016 harvest of hickory nuts. I also added the small ziplock bag of nuts that Shelly gave me when we first arrived at the farm. 
Here's how my harvest breaks down this year...One 3/4 full five gallon bucket of nuts (in the shell and husk) yielded almost 1-1/2 quarts of shelled nuts. I saved the husks and shells which will continue to dry out, and they'll be used either in the grill, smoker or our fire pit to add their hickory smoke to our cooking. (I'm not going to count hours expended or blisters earned.) 
The rest of the yield from the three hickory trees on our near our property will be left for the resident squirrels to feed them through the winter. I'll enjoy watching them romp and play in the snow, fortified by the nuts they'll collect yet this fall.
All in all, I'd say I did pretty well. Prior to purchasing the farm, it never even occurred to me to collect the fruit of the hickory trees. 
Thank you to those of you who shared treasured family recipes with me for their favorite uses for hickory nut meats. I'm looking forward to trying them! 

Thanks, also, to those who commented on my farm dress patterns yesterday. I will definitely rethink the tights/boots decision. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on this. I also read the comment(s) asking me to share how I actually make clothing. So, when I start sewing up my dresses and aprons, I'll share the process with you. 
Making your own garments isn't scary. I've done it for many years, and it's a very satisfying process. I'd love to share how I choose fabrics, cut, and assemble those fabrics into a finished garment, so that perhaps others will have the confidence to make their own outfits. I'll plan now to even create a few step-by-step videos for you. I know. You can hardly wait, right? Same here!


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Kris said...

Well, well, little miss farmer girl!! Your jars of nuts look so fun!!

Createology said...

Oh I love the idea of you sharing your wardrobe sewing techniques. And your shelled Hickory Nuts will be delicious in your new/old family recipes. I am here to learn and enjoy everything you share. On that note...I would love to see how you store and prepare your silk ribbons for your beautiful Strawberry silk ribbon embellishments. My Crazy Quilting skills are very lacking when it comes to the silk ribbon flowers. Thank You Donna Dear.

Sewing In CT said...

Lucky girl to have those nuts! Enjoy the fruit of your labors! :)
It's nice and cool now, a good time to start baking. Maybe I'll bake today.
Thanks for offering to share your clothing making process!

Minimiss said...

Hickory nuts are not something I've seen in New Zealand. I wonder if the shells could be used in the same way walnut shells are in pin-cushions? I will be interested to see what you make with your stock of nuts as well as what you share in your sewing process.


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