October 5, 2016

A Wooly Day...

Brynwood Needleworks - Wools and Threads
I drove to Menasha yesterday to visit my go-to shop for wools and threads...Primitive Gatherings. It was sunny and beautiful when Tag, Bella and I took our drive along the east shore of Lake Winnebago. 

I actually lived on the east shore of the lake during high school, driving to and from Fond du Lac every day to work or school. I was surprised to see how much it's changed since the last time I passed that way. 
Farm fields are now populated with McMansions and new businesses. The "scenic overlook" that used to offer an unobstructed view of the lake from its high vantage point, is now a nice place to have a picnic, without the view. Mature trees now grow from the picnic area all the way down to the water's edge. There's no "view" to be seen. Oh, dear. How so much has changed over these many years.

The reason I went shopping was for one (or two) colors of wool and Valdani #12 thread I needed. I came home with a few other wools and the threads I needed to complete the last two blocks in my Wooly Critter Sampler quilt. 

When I got back home, I sat with the sun pouring in our kitchen windows to choose the wools for Block Eleven (or was this Twelve?). I'll set it up today and I'll begin stitching right away...after I pick more hickory nuts. (I've got quite a harvest going. If only I could reach those high branches!)

Oh! One more thing before I close today...WE HAVE TWO MORE SQUIRRELS! They're little, gray squirrels, but I saw them running around the front yard - and yes, they're after those hickory nuts, too. I'm so tickled that we have more squirrels - believe me - I'm willing to share. 

Seeing them playing in the yard was the perfect end to a wonderfully, wooly day on the farm.


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Createology said...

"Progress" does not often allow us to keep those wonderful views of days gone by. How delightful for you and Tag and Bella to go on a field trip. Lovely wools and threads you acquired. I do love the gray squirrels that look so silken with the big fluffy tails. We have lots of them here and they have been in overtime gathering the Oak acorns. I watched one from my kitchen sink window as he ate a large white mushroom that had grown on a limb of the Tolsen Juniper. They are so adorable. Enjoy your new wools and stitching dear. So happy to hear you have two more squirrels to share those hickory nuts with.


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