October 11, 2016

Here, Chick, Chick, Chick...

Brynwood Needleworks - Chicken Waterer
Sunday was full of surprises. Mom's daughter, Deb called and came to visit me at the farmhouse. The weather was perfect and we had a nice time catching up with each other.

In addition to sharing her fall tradition with me - every year she makes a lovely curried squash soup - she brought a light dinner and gift. (The soup was spicy and delicious, by the way.)

She has some of Mom's things that she's going to share with me, but those items are waiting until after our renovations are completed. I know what they are, but they're fragile, so I agreed they should wait a while.

The gift she brought for me is a little chicken waterer. According to Sis, one takes the jar off the base, fills it with water, places the inverted base on top of the waterer and then turns it over. The water refills the base as needed, but it won't overflow. Such a genius, low-tech gadget!

Sis usually kept it in the garden to offer a drink to birds and butterflies. I may do the same until such time as there are chickens at the farm. In fact, I may even fill it with sugar water to see if I can attract hummingbirds. 

I'll keep it safe until next spring, and then it will have a place in the garden (away from nosy Corgis and Labradors).


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Jane said...

I remember those glass jar waterers from back when my mother raised chickens :) If the jar broke could replace with a mayonnaise or mason jar. We recently got a few chickens so have the slightly more modern version - plastic base and plastic jar!
How sweet that you'll receive some of your mother's things!

Createology said...

Being able to "come home" and reconnect with family and friends is such a bonus to your new chapter in your journey of life. This glass water feeder is wonderful. I am so happy for you Donna Dear!!!


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