October 2, 2016

Block Ten Is Finished...

Brynwood Needleworks - Wooly Critter "Squirrel & Oak Leaves" Block Ten Detail

I completed Block Ten "Squirrel & Oak Leaves" yesterday. I awoke to another rainy day, so it was perfect for stitching.

Brynwood Needleworks - Wooly Critter "Squirrel & Oak Leaves" Block Ten

By late day, the sun was out and my block was finished. It was a perfect end to another weekend spent on the farm.
Weather is supposed to be dry for working in the yard, and it's a good thing, because it needs attention today. We'll be trying out that new tractor, and I'm really looking forward to that!

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deb said...

Dumb question - are you doing hand applique on this? Thanks!

Createology said...

Mr. Squirrel is looking very dapper with all of your beautiful little blanket stitches. We finally got some rain last night along with a massive hail storm. Playing with your new John Deere Tractor and attachments sounds like Fun on the Farm. Great way to begin a week...

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Yes, Deb. I'm stitching this whole series by hand. Frankly, my machine applique' technique leaves a LOT to be desired. I much prefer to do this work by hand.

Thanks for asking!

Mandy said...

Your hand stitching looks beautifully even, Donna. I look forward to seeing the remaining blocks.
Best wishes,

WAZOO! Quilting said...

I like this one best. Probably because of the sad squirrel story. The whole project is lovely. Hey, we love our John Deere tractor, too! Its Packer colors!!

heartsease54 said...

Just love the latest block, I think this is my favorite so far.


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