November 24, 2014

Tuesday With Tag - Public Service Announcement #5 - Thanksgiving...

Hi, Everybody!
It's been quite a while since I've done a Public Service Announcement. I
figured the upcomin' holiday would be as good a time as any for my next one.

Holidays can be dangerous for your dogs, cats (sigh) and other pets. It's easy
for us to get into stuff when you're busy payin' attention to your family and 
guests. I'm askin' you to think about these things ahead of time to keep 'em safe.
From DVM (Doctors of Veterinary Medicine) Multimedia
Let's start with #1. I admit I have trouble with this one. I like bein' close in case somethin' hits the floor, but Mom makes sure I'm backed out of there when she has to move hot pans from the stove or oven to the sink or counter. She said she doesn't want to trip over me, or spill anythin' hot on me. Good thinkin', Mom!

#2. There are a few things Mom lets me have, but she's careful not to give me rich stuff. Kessie had pancreatitis for the last six or seven years of her life. She had to take medicines every day and sometimes had to go to the vet because she had bad belly aches. I don't want that to happen to me or my friends!

#3. Do we even have to discuss this one? NEVER leave alchohol around where your pets can reach it, and never, ever knowingly give it to them! (Did I say "never"? I mean it!)

#4. Don't let your dog or cat be a garbage animal. Mom freaks out whenever she reads about dogs gettin' into garbage. Come on, you guys. Take the garbage out and put it in the bin. After all that food, you're gonna need the exercise!
Web image from ASPCA Poison Control Center
There are foods that can really be harmful - and even kill your dog - if they eat it. I'm not gonna go down this list. If you've gotten this far, I already know you can read it yourself. (You can click on the picture to make it bigger.)
Web image (Not responsible for Pilgrim cat)
Don't worry, though. It's not all bad news. There are actually things that we can have! I'm tellin' you, a few of these are personal favorites! I'm quite fond of sweet potatoes, beans, carrots and apples. But remember, just like for you, its possible for us to have "too much of a good thing". "Moderation" is best.

I'll be hangin' out to make sure I don't miss any of the fun on Thanksgiving. I want all my friends to have a good time, too. I might even be back again later in the week to say, "Hi". You just never know!

Just in case, I'll wish you a Happy Thanksgiving now.
Image from
I hope you, your loved ones and your pets have a 
Happy and Safe Thanksgiving
'til next time...
"Wag Like Ya Mean It"

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Lesley UK said...

Good morning Tag. If I had a pet I would definitely be sure to follow your excellent advice. My last dog just loved bread and butter (and toast) Even when he was ill and didn't want to eat he could still manage a piece of bread and butter. I dropped very heavy hints about wanting another pet for my birthday (nov 7th) but I got a surprise party instead...which was very nice, but, as you'll understand, not quite the same thing. Still,Christmas is coming and my hints are becoming more like demands. Perhaps it will work! I hope you and your Mum and Dad have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We don't have that in the UK, but I'll be thinking of you all and hoping you have a great time. Blessings

Jacque. said...

Good job, Tag!

Eleanor Mefford said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Tag!!! And those are wise and timely reminders which everyone should read.
I wanted to tell you some sad news--Louisa, the Newf who wrote to you, died about six weeks ago. It is a sad time for all of us, but your column brightens every Tuesday. And guess what? I may be getting a Corgi in the spring (I had one before Louisa), and will keep you posted. Love, Eleanor

Createology said...

Happy Thanksgiving Tag. Thank you for being such a wonderful sharer of excellent information. Smooches Dear...


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