November 3, 2014

Tuesdays With Tag - Hunt Tests At Dempsy Ranch...

Hi, Everybody!

This week, my blog post is about the hunt tests Mom, Dad and I went to at
Okeechobee's Dempsy Ranch over the weekend. Mom was nice enough to let
me be the one to tell you all about it. I'm tellin' you, I mostly had a great time!
We were guests of Mike and Joann Sommers of Sommers Fine Sporting
Dogs in Jupiter, Florida. Mr. Mike was my trainer when I was just a pup.
So, Mom, Dad and I drove over to Jupiter on Friday night and stayed
with Mr. Mike and his wife for the weekend so we could go to the event.
I spent a lot of time watchin' the other fetchin' dogs doin' their work.
I have to tell you, I was pretty impressed. Those dogs could run!
Here's my personal trainer and Mom and Dad's good friend,  Mr. Mike.
He trained and handled a number of dogs at the tests and worked with
them toward earnin' their Junior, Senior or Master Hunter titles. 

This black Labrador is "River". He was a nice dog and did a great job.
Here's Mr. Mike comin' back after a successful workout with River.
Then, there was this talented yellow Labrador named "Buckwheat".
His owner have another Labrador named "Barley". Clever, hey?

Buckwheat did a good job, too. He was focused on his tests so there
was no time to pay attention to me. We didn't even get to sniff noses.
This yellow Labrador is referred to as "fox red" by some breeders, 'cuz his
coat is so dark and well, red. His name is "Bueno", which is good because I
think that name suited him to a "T". He was "un perro muy bueno". (That's 
Spanish for "He was a very good dog." You're impressed now, aren't you?)
This guy is "Geronimo". He's actually a German Shorthair Pointer. He's 
bilingual, too! He competes in pointin' competitions where he's required
to stand steady and point at birds - and then he also competes in retrievin' 
events, where he can't point. He has to actually find and retrieve the birds. 

It takes some serious talent to be able to adapt to either huntin' situation.
Here he is deliverin' a duck back to Mr. Mike. Way to go, Geronimo!
Mom took lots of pictures of other dogs that Mr. Mike worked,
but I especially wanted to make sure that I wrote about this girl.

Her name is "Mabel", and let's just say we didn't hit it off at all!
She's Mr. Mike's dog and she lives in their house when she's not
workin'. She was at the tests to earn her Master Hunter title.

We got back to their house on Saturday night and Mom was 
helpin' make dinner in the kitchen. When Mabel came into the 
room, I sauntered over to say "hello". I'm friendly like that.

I thought we were gonna be pals, when the next thing I know,
Mabel is all over me growlin' and bein' all guard dog. WHOA!

I called out for Mom who pulled her off me and gave me time to
get up and run away. I had a few things to say about that whole
turn of events - and believe me, I took the looonng way around
her for the rest of the weekend! That was a definite first for me.
Everybody usually finds me irresistible. Well, except for Mabel.
More than once, I found myself contemplatin' those tests over
the weekend. I'm just sure I could have been a contender, too.
(Dad said I'm a "legend in my own mind". pfffftttt!!!!)

Well, maybe next time they'll let me give it a try. A guy can
dream right? I'm gonna go read up on the subject for now.
I'll be sure to let you know when I sign up. Gotta run for now.

I'll see you again next week. 'til then...
"Bark Like Ya Mean It!"

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Gloria M said...

Oh Tag, you will always be TOP DOG in my book. Nice little write up from the week-end. Keep up the good work, I truly enjoy your writing and always look forward to Tuesday.

Createology said...

Tag that was quite the weekend you experienced. Mabel doesn't know what she is missing when she wasn't friendly with you. Her loss! Maybe after you read on all that pointing and retrieving and stuff you might not want to do it. Sounds like a lot of work to me. I think you should be the show attendee and cheerleader for the others. Thanks for the wonderful weekend report. Smooches...

Sharon said...

Well, Tag, you are irresistible and Mabel just needs to get over being such a bully. Sometimes girls just act like that.

Love and kisses from Heidi and Hanna!

Sharon Chapman said...

Tag you would win the prize in all categories especially the good looks one. Sharon, Cooper and Max


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