November 19, 2014

A Warm Gift From Cold Illinois...

Not too long ago, I received an email from one of my blog girlfriends asking for
my address. I knew there was something on its way to me, but didn't know what.

Then, late last week, the package arrived and I was so wonderfully surprised!
My friend, Gloria M. sent a parcel loaded with the most beautiful, luscious wools!
She sent me lovely large pieces of earthtone, neutral and warm colors that I can't
wait to use in one of my projects! I'm positive that I'll create a little something
 for her to show my gratitude, too. Can you even imagine such a generous gift?
  Tucked in with all these fabrics was a bag loaded with decor acorns!
(You know they went right into my fall-themed arrangements, don't you?)

Receiving these gifts from Gloria caused me to pause to contemplate how
truly blessed I am. Not only am I surrounded by the love and loyalty of my
own family, I am also gifted with the best of friendships in my life. 
Then, when I began blogging, I never quite understood the depth and longevity 
of the new friendships I would develop through my writings. (I was surprised
that you would even take time out of your busy days to read what I wrote!)
Dear Gloria is one of those friends, and I hope the time comes when I'm 
able to visit her in her home state of Illinois so I can thank her in person.

Thank you for these wonderful, thoughtful gifts, Gloria. Words are never
 enough to adequately express my gratitude for your kindness. Please
 know that you'll be in my heart whenever I use these fabrics, as well as
 each and every time I look at the colorful acorns you sent my way.
Thanks, and thanks again, my friend.
Blessings to you and yours,

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Jacque. said...

LOVELY gift!! You are truly blessed. And, I do know what you mean about having no idea what would come with blogging in the way of friendships. Amen, Sister!

Gloria M said...

Donna, Thanks isn't necessary. My goodness you are the most generous person I have known. You are constantly giving to all your bloggers. You put a smile on my face everyday (except when you are sick or down)of the week. I look forward to your blog and I learn so very, very much from you. Please just keep up the wonderful work and continue to share your family with us. You are the exception not the rule in todays era. Love it. Take care of that back, you know it doesn't ever really go away.

Createology said...

Normally I don't read comments before I comment...however today I totally agree with Jacque and Gloria M. Your package of thoughtful gifts is very heartwarming. Wool is like a warm fabric hug. Hoping you are able to move carefully and feeling better. Prayers and Healing Energy continue...

Michele T said...

Lucky lucky you!!! Beautiful woolies too!!

Laura Quaglia said...

What a wonderful gift I love wool do a few things with it .Will be posting when I finish what I'm working on.


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