November 2, 2014

Weekend At Dempsy Ranch...

  The weather was in the 60s. It was sunny and windy...
and it was a fantastic weekend spent with dear friends.
I promised Tag that he could tell you all about it tomorrow, so I'm just
posting two photographs of our views of the landscape at Dempsy Ranch. 
I'll be working at the polls Tuesday, so Tag will be completely on his own 
for his post. He was pretty impressed with the ranch and he wants to be the 
one to tell you all about it. Far be it for me to deny the Little Man!
Don't forget to vote tomorrow!
I'll be back Wednesday.

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Createology said...

Lovely photos and so happy you had a lovely weekend with dear friends. Bless you for doing your voting civic duty. I vote by absentee ballot due to possible snow issues. Looking forward to Tag's report tomorrow. Extra Energy and Hugs for your long day tomorrow dear...


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