November 30, 2011

More Gifties Arrived...

Can you even believe that today is December 1st already? 2011 is quickly coming to an end and I still have so much left to do! Yesterday was another day filled with surprises. There were two packages in the mail for me!

I opened a package from my generous friend, Sherry E. of Createology to find this clever origami bag. (I took the liberty of staging it with my acorn fairy in an acorn-adorned frame.) The fabric Sherry chose fits right in with my acorn decor, doesn't it?
The fabric is folded and sewn to create a pocket on each side of the bag, and Sherry chose tiny tree charms for the flaps. They're perfect choices, Sherry!

I haven't figured out how everything folds together to make up this little tote, but I'm going to keep examining it until I do! I can't wait to use it, too!

Sherry, you are so generous with your time and your talents and I can't tell you how I appreciate the treasures you send my way. Thank you, my friend. I will cherish you and your creation(s) always!
Although I knew a second package was on its way, I had no idea what to expect inside. Wendy W. of The Frog Palace and The Life of Me contacted me to ask for my address, telling me she had something she wanted to send to me. I admit I was intrigued and couldn't wait to open her package when it arrived!
Her handcrafted card had this tiny acorn glued on one corner. (I bet she made that, too!)
Inside I found ornaments made of glass and other natural elements. A glitter-sprinkled pine cone ready to hang in the studio as well as a little "nature boy" ornament created from wood.
Wendy added this artful collage of craftsy items and the verse about creativity. I see something new every time I look at it. (Wouldn't it be fun to play "Eye Spy" with my granddaughters using this?) I have placed it in my wall organizer hanging across from my sewing machine. It looks right at home there!
Look at this teeny, tiny glass squirrel. I'm so glad it made the trip safely to me - as well as the slightly larger glass acorn. They're both so beautiful, and I've never seen a little squirrel ornie before!
I have the perfect spot to hang them so they can be viewed and admired every day. This is the arch in the window in my studio, and the all three new ornaments will join the rest of my collection where they'll be visible from inside the studio - or outside when I'm in the pool area. (Don't miss the new, little "Green Man" ornament hanging on the right end of the rod!)

Thank you, Wendy for thinking of me when you saw the ornaments...and for all the wonderful gifts you sent to me. I love your thoughtfulness and generosity. Sending great big hugs to you across the miles.

My actual Birthday is December 3rd (Saturday), but without even knowing it, my friends are helping me stretch my celebration. Mum told me a package is on its way and Handsome ran a secret mission yesterday. At this rate, he's going to declare me a bona fide "Spoiled Brat" by Saturday...and he'll be right! One of our running jokes around here is that he's not Mr. Right. He's Mr. Always Right** (again).
I find that I'm constantly inspired by my blog friends. I hope that even in the process of writing about the gifts I receive, you'll find inspiration or ideas for gifts to share with your loved ones. As I work my way through my handcrafted Christmas list over the next two weeks, I'll write about them for a little inspiration of my own.
(**I'm required to add a little right-hand wrist flair for effect when I say that. lol)

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Sharon said...

Wonderful gifts for a wonderful lady! Happy Birthday, Donna!

Carol at Serendipity said...

I am glad you are having a wonderful birthday week. When you get to be my age, you will take the whole month! LOL. Your presents are beautiful.


Tina Eudora said...

WOW you are making out like a bandit Donna!
But I will say one thing I truly feel, if anyone deserves to be a "spoiled brat" it's you! You're a very lovely lady and I am so glad your birthday week is rolling out in such a grand fashion! Have a beautiful day!
Tina xo

Minimiss said...

Ooooooo you lucky girl.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday!! I didn't know. But you do celebrate your birthday like my daughter does. She declares the month of her birthday a national holiday and celebrates every day! lol I say presents are welcome on any day, whether they arrive ON the birthday or not. Who doesn't love presents? :) Have a wonderful birthday!!

WW said...

Wow! I guess my package arrived at the right time. I'm glad you liked everything. I actually did not make the acorn on the card, I bought a whole package of them at Hobby Lobby for another project.
I also didn't make the collage, I bought that as well, but I figured it was something you would appreciate.

Sherri said...

Donna, what a very lucky girl you are! I love the rod with all the acorn ornaments on it! Absolutely wonderful!!

Annesphamily said...

You are so well loved! Lucky lady! Beautiful gifts here.

WW said...

Don't forget my other blog, Donna, where I talk about my life. Right now, I'm doing some holiday baking.


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