November 28, 2011

Tuesdays With Tag - First Day of Camp...

Last week was pretty exciting for Tag. It was time to take him to "Camp" to learn good citizenship (and a few other useful and fun things).

Handsome and I have had a long, long relationship with the Sommers family in Wisconsin and now, in Florida. So, when it's time to call in the pros, we head to wherever the Sommers are.

We took Tag over to Mike and Joann's facility the day before Thanksgiving, and were so happy to know that we'd be spending the holiday with our friends this year.

We arrived late Wednesday, settled Tag in his "suite", and then the four of us went off to share a relaxing dinner. Tag's "evaluation" would wait until Thanksgiving morning.
Although Tag sauntered into his kennel and ate dinner without hesitation, he was a little overwhelmed by the nighttime proximity of dogs he didn't know. He's used to sleeping on the bed with me, or in his nice comfy crate at night, so having the "open air" arrangement with a leggy goldidoodle on one side and a little black lab (sharing accommodations with a little spaniel) left him barking on and off all night (even though he played with the spaniel through the wire during the day).

Mike (and later, I) both checked on him overnight, but he was less than thrilled to be in his otherwise comfortable kennel. (Don't fret. He was completely fine on Night Two, after we put him in his own crate inside the kennel. He just likes to be a little cozier when he sleeps. Once Mike figured that out, he didn't make a single peep all the second night!)
Thanksgiving morning, Handsome and I settled into lawn chairs so we could have a ring-side seat of the evaluation. Mike started out with a little obedience (heel and sit) and then wanted to check out Tag's fetching skills.  Tag was happy to show Uncle Mike how smart he is. Mom was so proud!
After about a half hour of obedience work and running, Mike took Tag for a little swim in a safe, monitored family pond.  As you can see in the distance, there's a swim platform that the family uses regularly. No alligators allowed!

Even so, I was nervous about him being in the pond and voiced that to Mike. The rest of his water work will be in their pool instead to put my mind at ease. Thanks, Mike!
Tag loved the swimming, but he wasn't ready for his water retrieving yet. (See the dummy floating in the water behind him?) By the time he's finished with Camp, he'll be jumping into the water to bring that back...and he'll do it with true Corgi flair!
Somebody pinch me. He's so stinkin' cute! Even wet!
Look at his tail nub up in the air!
He's such a confident little man.
Did I mention the mud?
Yeah. Mud.
After all. What's Camp without a little mud?

I've asked Mike to make sure that Tag sends postcards home from time to time. You may think I'm a really brave mom for letting Tag go away for seven painfully long weeks! a while. Not really. It's taking everything I have not to travel the three and a half hours across the state to kidnap him and bring him home! I have to keep telling myself that when he comes back, he will be trained and well-mannered for a lifetime of harmony with us. And he won't lose a single ounce of all the traits that make him uniquely Corgi

I can just imagine him lying upside down in his little crate at night (perhaps missing me), but proud of his daily accomplishments. I'm really looking forward to that first postcard!

So, 'til next time...

"More Wagging and Less Barking!"


  1. Hi Donna! I have never visited your blog before but was immediately won over by Tag! I have two Corgi grand-dogs and seeing Tag reminded me of their sweet little faces. My daughter is preparing to send little Chester off for a 3 week schooling. Sadie will be lost without him! My daughter will visit on weekends. The son-in-law brought home a 9 week old German Shepherd puppy two days ago and Sadie & Chester have decided - in their very Corgi way - that he doesn't exist. Oh, my! They love my little Chihuahua so maybe they'll warm up.

    I'm off to investigate more of your blog. It looks like we have some common interests!


  2. Hi Donna, A quick note before I head off to work. The kids corgi would have loved to be out of the kennel and run with the boys on Thanksgiving day, but they would have lost their ball because he would think they are playing with him. They have both dogs trained to sit at my feet so I can pet them. They both want their fair share. They really love their dogs and Matt and Shorty are growing up together.Have a great day. Your Missouri Friend.

  3. Oh Donna he is beyond cute! What an angel and yes you are one brave mom to let him go to camp for 7 weeks! I hope they will be sending photos to you of his progress and that you can post them here for us to see.
    Have courage mom and dry those eyes baby Tag will be back home before you know it!
    Tina xo

  4. He's going to come back one well-trained doggie, Donna! He looks adorable, even all wet and muddy. :-)

  5. SEVEN WEEKS!!!!! Oh my gosh, how are you going to make it? But he is so dang cute, he should be well mannered as well. There is nothing worse than being at someone's house whose dog is continually jumping up at you or growling at you or doing any number of obnoxious things dogs can do when they aren't 'well brought up' :) Good for you, Corgi Mom, for making the sacrifice!

  6. I know its hard to believe not but after the first week the rest of the time will fly and you will be reunited with your beloved fur baby.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  7. More gorgeous pictures, Donna. He is just so huggable. I hope the time goes fast for you and it won't be long until he is back home to show you how clever he is ( well you already know that-lol) Sandy. :)

  8. He is abssolutely adorable in all those photos and the 7 weeks will fly by. Look, it's nearly Christmas!!

  9. dear donna,
    it is going to be a hard time. you are so used to tag being right outside your studio door where you can see and talk with him all day. he is your baby. you spent very close quarters with him this last summer. you are so used to him always being right there. just remember what i said in my previous post on this subject, and keep your sights set on january and the little tag who will be coming back to you so much happier because he has himself under control. blessings.

  10. You are so brave! I don't think I could bear it. Little Tag gets cuter and cuter each week. I know he will do really well and be so excited to see his mom again soon.

  11. So very cute. Be brave mom as tag will do his best job learning. Hugs

  12. Such sweet photos! I know your house seems so silent and lonely right now. Hoping the seven weeks fly by for you -- but not so much for those of us who have not even started holiday shopping and plans! Stay strong.

  13. I know you miss him terribly. I remember when my youngest daughter went away for a 2 week camp....I cried every day and painted the kitchen dining room and sun room! Tag may come back home and find a stack of quilts you have made in his absence. If you want I will drive from KY and pick you up and we can go kidnap him together!


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