November 20, 2011

They're In The Mail...

I signed up for the Button Floozies Ornament Swap this year, and had so much fun making the ornies to mail to my three swap partners.

I decided that a Nutcracker theme might be fun, so I sorted through my machine embroidery designs and chose this one. I decided to embroider them onto canvas. Three Nutcrackers in a row...
My sister, Diana recently sent me a surprise care package. She found some gorgeous, vintage, crocheted doilies and wanted to share them with me. There were two that I knew would work perfectly for this project.
They were 3" in diameter, so I cut them in half and used each half to embellish the bottom of my nutcrackers. I sewed my parts together and then started hand sewing my vintage buttons along the bottom. The little blue ones were from my contemporary stock, but the rest are old.
I made one more, but that one is a little different from these. I'm going to send it back to Diana to thank her for all the goodies she gave me.

They're all on their way to new homes today. My swap work is done here. I'll be starting my Christmas projects now, and I promise to show you what I'm working on in the coming days and weeks.
This week is going to be full of family and celebrations, so I want to remind you early that next Monday is Memory Lane Monday. As you spend time reminiscing about holidays past, perhaps you'll write about one to share with us?

Just write the post on your blog and then link back to my Memory Lane Monday post. I'll be writing mine on Sunday evening so that you'll be able to link in plenty of time. The link will be active for one week, so if Sunday or Monday is too hectic for you, you can add your story at any time prior to the end of the week. I'm looking forward to sharing mine and hope you'll join me for another stroll down Memory Lane.

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Sharon said...

Love your ornaments, Donna! You are so talented.

Just finished reading Jeri's acorn post and was glad to see you commented on it. I thought about you the whole time I read it.

Hugs to you and kisses to Handsome II, Tag that is!

Createology said...

Hi Donna: Your Button Floozie Ornaments for swapping are exquisite. You really did a wonderful job with the Nutcracker and vintage buttons.
Do you think the same Trolls could have done both of our studios? I certainly never saw them but I think they really had fun pulling out all that stuff and piling it on top of the table. Some of it is quite precarious so I am thinking it must have been Trolls.
Thank you so much for the clever comment and helping me smile my friend. Monday musings...

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Donna your ornaments are just beautiful. I love the Nutcracker theme you used for these.
Looking forward to seeing all your Christmas projects you will be doing.
Have missed you and looking forward to catching up.
Thanks honey for the sweet and encouraging comments to help me and Christi.
Once again I truly am blessed to have you as a friend

WW said...

OMG, I love those. I wish I was in your group. Though I can't wait to see what I get from my group either. I sent you an email asking for your address. I'm planning on sending you a nice surprise.

Quilt Kitty said...

They are gorgeous with the doilies & buttons embellishing your machine embroidery. Lucky swap partners. xx

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

These are absolutely adorable, Donna!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

basia said...

Your work is stunning and so unique. It is such a pleasure looking at your blog and your work. Happy Thanksgiving!

Michelle May said...

Those ornaments are just so fun! Great job girlfriend. I know your swap buddies will love them!


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