November 1, 2011

Tuesdays With Tag - Halloween Trick...

OK. I admit it. I was so excited about my Cauliflower Bread Sticks that I flippin' forgot about this weeks' Tuesday With Tag! We were out in the Flying Cloud yesterday and I snapped a few photos of Tag to post for...Tuesday...when it occurred to me that yesterday was Tuesday. Bad Mom! Bad Mom!
This week's Disapproving Corgi Look. 
(How could you forget, Mom?)
 Great. A guilt trip courtesy of my dog. 

Let's try to salvage this, ok? Tag is now seven months old. It's nice not to have to keep the little man on a leash every second we're outside. He loves his Airstream as much as he loves fetching, so he races to the coach steps whenever we get near it.
We have created a new, level parking area for our "guest house" and it's really nice. Tucked in the trees at the back of our yard, it feels like a mini getaway. Tag likes it, too. Places to snuffle, nice shade and good smellin' grass. It all combines to make for a happy corgi.
He won't let me forget the missed Tuesday post for a while, but it's a blessing to know that he's  thriving, healthy and happy. I'll give him a biscuit or two to make up for it. He won't even remember this by next week. Lucky for me.

I had another fun post for today, but I'm going to share that with you tomorrow instead. 'til then...
"More wagging and less barking!"


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nancy huggins said...

Love the pictures of Tag,,I don't think I could get one of my girls to pose like that but maybe I will try one day. Nice to have such a great guest house right there in the yard and still be able to hook it up and go on a vacation :)

Sharon said...

I must admit, when I saw your post about bread yesterday I was disappointed. I look forward to "Tag Tuesdays" and thought "what is Donna thinking about"? Tag and I are so glad you got it straight! LOL

hugs to you and that handsome corgi boy!

Sherri said...

Donna, I'm glad you decided to post Tag's Tuesdays even though it really isn't Tuesday! I missed our furry little friend. Love photos of him-he makes me smile every time I see him :)!

sissie said...

Even if it's one day late, it's still good to hear from Tag. He's so adorable that he doesn't have to say a thing.
Good thing you redeemed yourself Mom.


Michelle May said...

Tag on a Wednesday that was suppose to be Tuesday is better than no Tag post at all! hee,hee,hee.
Now off to read about the bread!

Lee said...

He sure is photogenic! Hey Donna, my husband and I just bought a used Airstream!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

He, he, I must admit I thought 'hey, what happened to Tag?!' We all have moments of memory loss. I'm sure Tag will forgive you. Of course he thinks of the Airstream as his home. Nice idea for a guest house! Have a nice day, Donna! Twyla

Jan M said...

I wondered where Tag was yesterday, and thought maybe he had a late Halloween night and was just resting! If it involves extra treats, he may wish you forget every week!

MosaicMagpie said...

Tag, cast one of those disapproving looks my way too! Wednesday was here before I was ready for it.

Createology said...

That adorable face has so much personality in it. Tag you forgive mom...right?...Oh, more biscuits and you might? Okay...

Shell said...

Oh my Stars, I had a 3 month old Corgie in my yard yesterday afternoon! They are Too Stinkin' Cute! I miss my "Lucy Girl"-Half Corgie and half Golden Retriever!

Love the Pics Donna, trying to catch up a bit!

Hugs, Love a Bus and a Biscuit! LOL

matate10 said...

My husband looks over my shoulder as I cruise my blogs in the evening and he says to tell you that he enjoys your pictures of Tag1 Thank you. We had a wonderful Corgi mix named Flash a few years ago that had ears even bigger than Tags. I'll send you a pic sometime.


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