November 17, 2011

Blissfull ATC Swap - November...

I just received my November artist trading card for the Blissfull ATC Swap group. Our theme was "Thankful", and my swap partner was Cindy @ Cindy Rose's Garden.

I think her card is wonderful! She chose a turkey as her centerpiece and then added the words "Bountiful" and "Blessings" on each side at the bottom. I'm not sure what her technique is, but I can tell you that I love it! It appears to have silver leaf and tissue paper in it. (Perhaps she'll tell me how she made it, but it's truly grand.)

I'm so thankful that she was my partner this month! The Blissfull group is so much fun and I get to meet so many talented artists, employing various media to interpret each month's theme. Thank you, Cindy!
This is my artist trading card for the swap. You can't see it in my photo, but I started with an ivory fabric as the base for the card and then I hand-stitched the green wool to it to make a pocket. You knew I'd add an acorn, right? The acorn symbolizes the beginning of bigger things to come, so it was perfect to embellish my "thankful" pocket.

I cut five pieces of mat board into strips and stitched one of the things I'm thankful for on five different colored pieces of wool. When I was finished stitching, I glued each piece to its own strip of mat board. After the glue dried, they all slipped right into the pocket. Voila! Finished. Cindy should have it by now, so I know it's safe to show both cards to you today.

If you're interested in joining the Blissfull group, you can link here. Just let Wendy know you'd like to participate. It's so much fun!

Thanks again, Cindy! Happy Thanksgiving, partner!

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Createology said...

Your acorn ATC is so wonderful and really speaks of you dear. I have sent your link to my friend Joy who is beginning to make ATCs and wanting to swap. She is so cute that she is teaching her mom, Eva, to make them also and swap. How great is this creative blogging community!!! Friday hugs to you...

Michelle May said...

They're wonderful! You sure have had some wonderful swapping this year!


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