November 25, 2011

Two Silhouettes On The Shade...

...well, on the wall, actually.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with friends, and hope that your celebration was memorable, too. Thank you to everyone for your holiday messages. I'm so thankful for all of you. As we're still eating (another meal with friends this evening!), I wanted to share a little something special from our family archives.

I know that silhouettes are returning in decor lately, so I decided to hang our precious family heirloom in my studio. I think it's perfect above my vintage baby dresses adorned with Michelle Palmer's acorn art.
These two silhouettes were created of my Handsome husband and his younger brother when they were children. Their mom protected the images behind glass in a black oval frame with gold trim.
I always consider myself fortunate to be able to choose from beautiful items that my mother-in-law kept safe and protected during my husband's lifetime. Because of her care, I'm able to continue that tradition, even as we enjoy them in our own home.

So, at a time when we remember all those things for which we give thanks, I can add my husband and his family - and the heirlooms that mark the moments of their lives - to my list.
You'll remember from last year that I don't "do" Black Fridays. I prefer to create many of my gifts or buy from other artists. I'm going to enjoy the rest of this weekend, and then I'll prepare my list. You can look forward to my annual flurry of activity as I make those gifts that will be shared with family and friends. It all starts next week!
Don't forget that I'll serve up another memory for you on Monday - and hope you'll share a post from your past, too! That leftover turkey is waiting, so I'll close for now. Make the most of your weekend!

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Carol said...

You are so lucky to have items from your husband's youth. My family asks all the time why I keep some of the things I have. I hope someday they will understand.
xx, Carol

Michelle May said...

Those are totally cool and I love how they are so beautifully framed. A wonderful treasure indeed!

Sue said...

Seeing the double silhouette has inspired me to dig out our son's first grade silhouette and get it framed. It's large, but I think it will still be charming. Thanks, Donna.

Createology said...

I adore these from so long ago. My mom had each of us sisters done at a fair when we were children. Your placement of Handsomes is perfect over the little clothes. Wonderful weekend dear...
P.S. Did you see my blog post?

Jennifer said...

I too love sillouettes and your's is so pretty and sweet.
So glad you are having a great Thanksgiving and I also don't usually do Black Friday's as the crowds are horrendous here but also like handmade gifts as well. I have 2 sillouettes of my children but they are so large! I have them in my office area but do love them too.


Carol at Serendipity said...


Definitely don't do Black Friday. Never have, never will. I shop during regular shopping days but I guess my business isn't that important when they give the same stuff away practically for free at this time of year!

Love the pictures. I have some somewhere....



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