July 21, 2011

Marion's Glass Beads...

In April I received these gorgeous beads from my friend, Marion (Tag's Auntie) in Michigan. She makes each one with her own loving hands. 

They're all meant to fit on my Pandora™ bracelet. She and I have matching bracelets and clasps. I absolutely love mine, and she has given me each and every single bead that embellishes it. I added a few silver spacers, but even the silver acorn was a gift from her.

Look at the special acorn glass bead she made for me! I have something different planned for that one. It's not meant to hang from my bracelet. You should see it up close. It's perfect!

When we went to pick up Taggart, we stayed with her and her husband. As though just spending time together wasn't enough, she handed me a small box. When I opened it I found red, white and blue beads to commemorate not only Independence Day and our visit, but also the day we got our little Taggart.
She calls the ones with the "sugary" coating, Fruit Loops! I immediately changed out the beads on my bracelet (which, of course, I brought to wear!), but I always leave the acorn and dog paw beads on whenever I change out the look.

Each bead is unique. Some have sterling silver liners; some have sterling dots; some are decorated with flowers; some are clear; some have swirls. I love each and every one.

If you'd like to purchase Marion's beads, she does sell them. Just email me or let me know in your comment and I'll put you in touch with her. I know. They're gorgeous, aren't they?
Quick reminder: It's time for another Memory Lane Monday (July 25th). Hope you'll join us by sharing a special memory on your blog and then linking back here. I'll have my post (and the linky) up on Sunday evening.

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Twyla and Lindsey said...

Hey, I recognize the background in that first picture;) Marion's beeds are beautiful! The acorn is my favorite and yes the frosted ones Do look like Fruit Loops! They remind me of my Pandora bracelet that my son bought me. He gets me charms to add to it for special occasions. Have a nice day! Twyla

Carol said...

Hi Donna
They are a very thoughtful gift, especially as a rememberance for when you met Tag. Sentimental people always find a way to remember special events. When both my grandsons were born, we planted a tree. Its funny that Coreys has grown really tall, like him and Ky's was stunted at first. Just about the time Ky's height took off, so did the tree.

Your beads are gorgeous. I especially like the Fruit Loops.
Have a good weekend,
xx, Carol

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Gorgeous beads, Donna! I have a rather large collection of Trollbeads and just love 'em! Marion's beads are lovely and what a great way to commemorate your getting Tag. Actually, your bracelet and clasp are from Troll Beads as well (I have that same clasp and a couple more, too!).

Sherri said...

Donna, what a lovely bracelet and I love all those beads!!!

Sherri said...

Donna, if you could give Marion my e-mail address I would love to maybe purchase some of her beads.

cmcdermitt1 at carolina dot rr dot com


Createology said...

Marions beads are not only beautiful they are so very special and loving. She is truly a wonderful friend. Your bracelet is more fun than a barrel of beads. Fabulous Friday dear...

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

So lovely! Marion's beads are really beautiful.
Looking forward to your Tuesday post about Tags
Love ya

Shanda said...

I love glass beads. My sister and I collect them from around the world when we travel and she makes gorgeous jewelry with them.

downsize said...

Such kind words Donna! It was fun making them for you and I'm pleased you are enjoying them.


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