July 22, 2011

Change Might Be Good...

I've been thinking about changing out some of the colors in our living spaces, starting with the living room/kitchen. I love the Restoration Hardware "atmosphere blue" against Behr's "polar bear white", but am thinking we should change to something a bit warmer - but not yellowish.

I think painting the whole living room in the blue would be too much. Something more subtle would be more to my liking. It might show off the creamy woodwork better, too.
A few months ago, I saw this photograph on another blog (sorry I didn't write down whose). Although we don't have a cottage appearance in our abode, I decided I liked the color of the paint on the wall. It's called "grey owl" from Benjamin Moore paints.

Do you have a favorite paint color? What do you think? Like it the way it is, or should I tone down the white a bit?

Hope it's cooled off in your corner of the world. We could use a little break, don't you think?

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Twyla and Lindsey said...

I'm really loving grey. I have been thinking about painting our family room grey and have thought that Sherwin William's Gris was a nice shade. We're still smothering here:( Have a nice weekend! Twyla

Carol at Serendipity said...

I love the grey! It is so hot here in Maine I wanted to run under the sprinkler in my underwear!

Hope the back is better!

sissie said...

Hi Donna,
The grey owl color would look very good in your livingroom. I love it!


Sewing In CT said...

Farrow & Ball pale powder might be a nice compromise. In some lights it is blue and others violet. It's hard to describe but very beautiful once in place.

downsize said...

We originally painted most all walls a "white-white", somehow it was just too harsh, never really felt comfortable. Just changing to a warmer white and adding a few contrast walls in color made all the differance in the world. Go for it !

Jan M said...

Grey is very popular right now. I really like the Benjamin Moore shade you posted.
We are still in the 100+ degrees most days. Thank goodness for AC!

Chrisknits said...

I don't think of gray as warmer, it's still a cool range color. I think a gray taupe/brown would work against the cream woodwork. But go with your preference since you will be living with it.
My favorite paints are earth tones in leafy greens, soft browns, vivid reds, and golds. In fact every one of those colors is in my house. Plus the Eldest daughter's room is ocean blue on the bottom, bold orange stripe in the middle and gold on top. The Youngest daughter wants her room to be bright pink, black and cream. We are still in negotiations on that one! LOL.

Junk Exchange said...

ok, yeah .. i think you need to get rid of those two chairs with the matching ottomans .. they just DON'T work in that room .. just box them up and send them to Texas care of me .. love them!! had some one time and on a design whim, sold them .. biggest mistake ever .. they are the most comfortable chairs in which i have ever ever ever had the pleasure of relaxing .. yeah brown, green whatever .. lol! love love love those chairs ..

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Pretty color I think you would definitely like it.
I too need some changes but not for a while
Love ya

Carol said...

Our home looks like the Pondersosa. Very earthy with lots of wood and varnish. I always wished I had a home that was full of windows and bright light walls. I could do that now, since there are two patio doors in our living room. But then I would have to paint every few years. Nope, not an equal trade.

So, shake it up a bit. You can always paint over it if you don't like it. Like when my grandson wanted deep red walls in his room. I made him do the painting when he put in on AND when he covered it up to put them back pale green. Can you tell I pick my battles ~lol~.
xx, Carol

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Your space looks so bright and cozy. Not sure what you should do about changes, but I know you will come up with something amazing...can't wait to find out what you decide!


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