June 6, 2010

Tiny Stitches and Calling Number 3...

I'm sharing another peek of an element in my redecorated
studio. This is a sampler I stitched in 1991 on 36 ct. linen.
That's 36 threads to the inch, which is uncomfortable for me
to see and stitch now. Although, I admit, I'm tempted to find
a high power magnifier and try again. I miss counted thread work.
You'll get to see the full sampler on June 19th, as promised.

Thanks to everyone for the comments you left about Aunt Eula's (now my) vintage pins and the Pin Converter I told you about.

I popped over to Random.org and entered in the magic numbers (1-26), and you can see above whose number came up. Congratulations to...

Stone Gable

I'll be sending a pin converter your way. Please email your full name and address to me along with your preference for silver-tone or gold-tone. (dliljegren (at) brynwoodneedleworks (dot) com)

Thanks to everyone who played along in my impromtu giveaway. You never know when the next one will pop up again in one of my posts!
I don't want to forget...Yvonne is having a giveaway at Stone Gable, too! You can go to her site and enter as long as you get there by midnight, Tuesday, June 8th. Here's the link. You'd better hurry!!

3 friends clicked here to leave a note for me:

Missie said...

Such a cute little acorn! I love your new banner too.

Karen said...

36 count? oh my gosh!!! Yes, those were days for younger eyes. I've been having some trouble with 18!!! LOL Well, whatever it is, it's so pretty, cant' wait to see the whole thing :)

Michelle May said...

Oh my gosh...36 count. Boy oh boy do I remember doing that! Loved it, but my neck and shoulders still hurt from leaning over it!


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