June 12, 2010

A Sneaky Silver Sunday...

Hi everyone!
I'm writing Mom's post for Silver Sunday today.
I decided to surprise her.
Wait! Is that her?
No. It must be my imagination. heh heh
The coast is clear.

Now, where was I? (ahem)
Oh, yes. I'm going to show you something shiny today.
What was that? Did you hear something?

Sorry. Just a little skittish, I guess.
You know, Mom's very territorial about her blog stuff!
But, really ladies...She sure bores the pants off me
with her "egg coddlers", knives and forks and other treasures
(especially when there's nothing to eat for me!).

Anyway, I saw some of the other Silver Sunday entries
since Mom started showing off her silvery stuff (geez!), and I'm
not quite sure why she's been so reluctant to share my water bucket.

After all, it's silver-shiny and keeps me from getting parched in this
"dog-kicking hot" Florida weather. (By the way, I hate it when
Mom says that! I know she would never think of actually doing it,
but still...makes me a little nervous, it does.)
Like now, for instance!
You aren't going to tell on me, are you?
Come on, share some doggie love, OK?
Give an old Lab a break.
And just to keep my fur outa hot water...
(Man, I'm gonna be so grounded when she finds out!)

Here's a picture of one of her favorite sets of silverware.
It's called Eros (woo hoo!) by some company called "Sasaki".
Darn! Where are those opposing thumbs when you need em?

Yeah, well...Til next month...
Got any Milk Bones?
PS. Don't forget to join the other Silver Sunday participants
Thanks again to Beth at Gypsy Fish Journal
for being such a gracious hostess!

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Shirley said...

I enjoyed your post this evening. It is about 11:30 our time, but I can't sleep so I am reading post. I wanted to say thank you for your help that you sent me. I got it to work. Have a great weekend. Your Missouri Friend.

Sharon said...

Hi Kes! Your secret is safe with me. I have been sneaking on mom's comp. for years now. Even gave everyone a tour of wildflower while she was napping. She is snoozing in front of the tv right now after working all day in her garden. I wish I had a silver water bucket...hint hint. Your one lucky dog. I like her silverware too, but you don't need to tell her. She might figure out you were on her comp. Later buddy and hi paws to you! Teddy

The Paper Princess said...

Oh, my dear Lady, your secret is safe with me! I love your pretty silver bucket - so nice & shiny! You definitely need to "sneak on" and post more often! Oooh, shhh, don't tell Mom I said that - she may charge me with inciting insurrection on her blog for sure! In any event, I'm sure she'll appreciate your efforts - it's nice to have a day off (and a post written) every now and then!


Tina Eudora said...

Hey Kes, mums the word! But hey be careful not to drool on the silver as it might tarnish and that would definitely give the game away!
Love ya big guy xo

Michelle Palmer said...

Such a treasured silver bucket! Makes me want to sing the song~ "There's a hole in my..." BUT I will not~ as once I start, I cannot get it out of my head. :)
Sharing pettings from NY, a healthy puppy snack for a job well done!
Please give your momma a hug for me!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

You got me with that first photo! I am in love and a sucker for doggie stuff! Great post....I am still chuckling! Have a wonderful day. xo Lynn

Michelle May said...

A job well done Kes! You are such a sweetie. Snacks and treats to you. Love your water bucket!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Hi Kes! It is always nice to hear from you! Your secret is safe with me. Your water bucket is beautiful and shiney and I know how much you must appreciate it down there in DKH Florida. I hope you have a nice day napping. Twyla

Dee@FrenchBleuVintage said...

How cute ~ What a sweetie. And Kes, don't worry, mum's the word. Your Mom must really love you to give you such a nice doggy dish.

Dee@FrenchBleuVintage said...

How cute ~ What a sweetie. And Kes, don't worry, mum's the word. Your Mom must really love you to give you such a nice doggy dish.

AnticaTreasures said...

Awww..your dog is truly adorable! A hug for him!!! HEHE

Thank you for sharing his water bucket and your favorite silver!


kim said...

Love your post. Your dog is so cute.

Johanna said...

Dear Kes, you are truly a wonderful dog. And you really live royally with a silver water bucket. Was so nice to read your story.
Be pretty good. Many greetings to your Mummy, Johannar

MosaicMagpie said...

Now that is a trick worth teaching a dog to do, write a blog post for you! I am impressed Master Seamstress and Dog Trainer in one!

Debby said...

What a fun post!! Love your dog and his bucket is awesome.

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

This is a darling post! How cute is Kes..just adorable.

Createology said...

Super clever post today. I really needed the smiles. Love that "silver-shiny" watering pail and how practical it is for the heat. Happy grounding...

I missed your previous post so I am catching up here. Your feature square is perfect! Happy quilting...

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Fun post, Donna! Kes is a hoot! And a beautiful dog. Love the silver bucket, too! Not to mention all that pretty silverware!

Stop by and see my silver post if you get a chance!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Beedeebabee said...

Oh Kes...You are the sneaky one, aren't you! Your secret is safe with me too, although I bet your Mama would be proud of your sooo wanting to join in the "Silver Sunday" fun!!! Think about it...how many doggies reeeeally appreciate the finer things in life?...I think you should tell her...she'd love it, then you do could do all the Silver Sunday posts together! hee hee hee! Sending lots of pets and a kiss on that cute nose...love your pretty bucket by the way! xo Paulette

Anonymous said...

You can tell how sweet she is...love old dogs.
Oh, and the silver is nice,too! LOL

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Kes, you definitely deserve your own blog! I'll have a talk with Mama about it for ya! :-)

Gypsy Fish said...

Kes, I have an old yeller like you, who even has a silver water bucket. If you do create your own blog I'm sure "Duncan" will be your first follower...love your silver muzzle by the way..
PS I won't tell on you it's your little secret.

Natasha said...

Boy, you have got a smart dog...a very stylish dog too! What a posh water bucket!

This was a very fun post-thank you Kes!

Best wishes,


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