June 5, 2010

Liam's Christening Bonnet...

Can't you almost see a baby wearing this?
I love making baby bonnets for just that reason.
Made to match Liam's christening gown and coat,
I also added the beaded duppioni and handmade
silk roses to the baby bonnet. All the handsewing
was done with vintage silk thread for an extra special touch.

Making baby clothes makes me smile, and
making heirloom baby clothes reminds me that what I'm
creating will be loved and worn again long after I'm gone.
Some great-great-great-great niece will look at this christening set
years from now, and wonder about the hands and heart of the woman
who created this for their baby to wear. Perhaps I should include a
current photograph of me, along with a short biography so
that she will know what I did in 2010 for the love of my family.
I think I will.
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Michele said...

beautiful donna! fit for a king!

Elsina said...

Oh what a gorgeous beautiful bonnet!!! WOW!

Mandy said...

That sounds like an excellent idea, Donna. So many seamstresses/ craftswomen and men of the pst never left any indication about themselves when they finished their work. I find it sad, seeing their work now, that there is no way of knowing who they might have been or anything of their history.
Perhaps you could put your little record into a little bag to be kept with the christening set. This little piece of history will have to be memorable to ensure it is kept not just by your own close relations, but those yet to be born.

Boxwood Cottage said...

Aw your baby bonnet turned out so enchanting!!! How talented you are! Gosh I love these old times when babies wear sweet bonnets and even ladies had beautiful straw bonnets like in the Jane Austen movies.
Sending you warmest wishes from Germany

DeeDee said...

I am speechless..he willbe a handsome young man won't he....nice work Donna

The Farmer's Attic said...


As usual ~ breathtaking!!!


Jan said...

The bonnet is the perfect finishing touch for Liam's christening ensemble!
I love the idea of including a short story on you that could be passed down with the gown.

MosaicMagpie said...

Oh Donna,
Yes, you should leave your photo and a note about this lovely creation. Can you imagine how we would feel if we had something as wonderful as this passed down to us. Then imagine actually having a photo and story to go along with it.

Deb said...

This whole outfit is just going to be incredible. The bonnet is adorable and I hope that you take a lot of pictures so that we can all see the finished results on the little one.

Nishant said...

I love these old times when babies wear sweet bonnets and even ladies had beautiful straw bonnets like in the Jane Austen movies.
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Cat said...

What a beautiful bonnet! This will be an heirloom. Excellent idea to put a picture and biography with it for future generations!

Nita Jo said...

What beautiful work you do! I think you should leave information about yourself to be passed along. That's what makes family history survive!

Sharon said...

Just beautiful. You must leave aphoto and note as all treasures should be documented!

Karen said...

I think the picture and a little of the history of the christening outfit would be a wonderful thing. The hat is so pretty, I hope we get to see a picture of him wearing it. :)

Michelle May said...

Donna it's just beautiful! You have outdone yourself again!

The Rustic Victorian said...

Beautiful Donna!! Lovely work!


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